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Modolv Sjøset Pelagic AS
Address: Gnr 2 Bnr 2, 8770 Træna, Norway
Phone:+47 75 09 57 00

General Requests
Switchboard: +47 75 09 57 00
Fax: +47 75 09 57 10
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 160, N-8770 Træna, Norway


Geir Sjøset – Daily Manager
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 07
Mobile phone: +47 90 97 22 69

Sverre Hyttan – Production Manager
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 04
Mobile phone: +47 95 82 86 11

Georg Sjøset – Whitefish Dep. Manager
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 50 70
Mobile phone: +47 95 82 86 10
E-mail: Not Available

Knut Sjøset – Mechanical Maintenance
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 05
Mobile phone: +47 90 59 37 24


Hilde Sørvik – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 00

Helge Mortensen – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 17

Monika Holmen – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 03

Linda Sjøset – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 08

Anja Antonsen – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 06

Anna Karoline Eidem – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 01

Anne Elise Eriksen – Office Employee
Dir Phone: +47 75 09 57 18

Welcome to the Islands of Træna
The Modolv Sjøset companies are located in Træna, an archipelago of 418 islands and skerries some 50 km off the north-west coast of Norway. The Arctic Circle runs through the Træna archipelago. The country’s oldest fishing community is here, as some 9000 years ago here, where the land bears the marks of the end of the Ice Age, the first habitants found shelter on land and sustenance from the sea.

They chose well. The clear, bountiful sea teemed with fish, and as archaeological explorations of old caves and settlements now show, they lived agreeably for their time. Today, the heritage from their time is the background for a tradition of skills tied to the sea, the weather and the unique catches.

For more than 50 years, the Modolv Sjøset companies have processed catches that the sea offers. Consistent high catch quality has been preserved through continuous evolution of processing technologies. From our new, spacious facilities, we aim to further the tradition through the leading capability of supplying prominent products world-wide.

From our offices we have a superb view of the seas that prodive the basis of our operations. Our vision is to strengthen our position as a key actor in the food industry as well as continue to be a reliable, local cornerstore company. Træna aims for continued growth and creation of value for the rest of the country.

Our pelagic product range
Modern fish processing demands knowledge, many skills and flexibilty. The fishing trade has changed radically in recent decades. We have always been open to new ideas and innovations; that’s why we continue to invest in the most modern machinery available. These are just some of our competitive advantages.

All fish is delivered according to our customers’ specifications: round fish, butterfly or single fillets, trimmed fillets, boneless bits, minced fish etc. During the various fishing seasons, our experienced staff works round the clock. We want to process and freeze the fish while it is still hours fresh.

As we mainly focus on three pelagic products we are able to deliver excellent quality, by using both our past experience and modern machinery.

Fish are our cause.
One of our major advantages is that we have a steady supply of fresh fish from Arctic waters throughout the year. Our location at the middle of the Norwegian Coast gives us ideal access to diverce fish species.

We build upon that competitive advantage through development and innovation. Moreover, most of our production is devoted to processed products. Even though we deliver whole round fish, we have specialized in herring fillets and mince of silversmelt.

We also have appreciable supply of traditional whitefish, including cod, saithe, haddock and red-fish- These sortiments are sold salted or fresh, filleted or round packed.




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