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Lota Protein SA
Address: Avenida Matta Esquina Villagrán S/N, Séctor Playa, Lota, Chile.
Phone: +56 41 2446200
Fax: +56 41 2876656
E-mail: lotaprotein@lotaprotein.cl
Website: http://www.lotaprotein.cl

Historic review – Lota Protein S.A.
Lota Protein started up production of fishmeal in 1995 purchasing raw material from local artisanal fishermen and capture by own fleet.

In 2000 the company joined the Norwegian Koppernaes Group, who implemented advanced technology, acquiring 100% of the company in 2004.

In 2013, Lota Protein became part of the “TripleNine Group”, a fisheries company owned 50% by the Norwegian Koppernaes Group, and equal percentage of the Danish company Triple Nine A/S”.

Produce and market Fish Meal and Oil of high quality, in order to comply with the world’s highest standards for the feed industry, giving guarantees for an excellent, traceable, homogenous product with optimal microbiological conditions. This together with a constant concern for the care and preservation of the environment and working conditions for our workers..

Our Vision
To be recognized as a company concerned with the quality of the products delivered and care for the environment in which it develops..


Norse LT-94
Is high quality fish meal produced at low temperature under controlled conditions and strict quality assurance program (HACCP) from fresh fish, meeting the highest standards of the feed industry with guarantee of a product of excellence , traceable, consistent, homogeneous and of optimum microbiological conditions.

Norse-LT 94 has high level of biological digestible Protein (Mink), high bio-available amino acid (Lysine, Histidine and Methionine), low content of growth retarding compounds due to fish freshness and producing low effluent of undigested organic matter, avoiding significant detrimental effect on the environment surrounding the salmon farms.

Norse-LT 94 is used in the feed formulas for aquaculture species, especially for first life phase (fresh water) and particularly with recirculating aquaculture system technology (RAS), when fish develops its body base becoming robust and disease resistant. A significant growth increase by the use of Norse-LT 94 in mink, early weaned pigs, small and large Salmon, turbot and halibut has been documented.



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