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Hermes AS
Postal adress: Hermes AS, PO Box 175, 9252 TROMSØ, NORWAY
Tlf: +47 776 15510
Fax: +47 776 15511

Business Address: Hermes AS, PO Box 56, 9584 SØR-TVERRFJORD, NORWAY
Tlf: +47 784 59280
Fax: +47 784 59288
VAT-number: NO 946 438 162 MVA

Welcome to Hermes AS
Hermes AS is a company with one vessel, the freezertrawler M/Tr “Hermes”. The vessel fishes all year round and produces approximately 5000 metric tonnes of whitefish and shrimps a year, all caught in the cold and clear waters of the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea as well as the fishing grounds around Spitsbergen. On these pages you will find information about the company, the vessel and our products of premium quality.

The companys annual turnover is approximately 60-70 million norwegian kroner ($10 million US) and employs 36 people full time. We have 34 employees on two shifts of 17 men on board, and two people working in the administration on shore.

Today Hermes AS is a prosperous company that seeks to do its fishing based on quality and safety. The company thereby has its main focus on top quality and safety both regarding our products, our employees and the vessle. Hermes AS today; young, experienced og progressiv – and a little bit different…

MSC certification
Cod and haddock from the Barents Sea finally have been certified sustainable by MSC.

mtrhermes_dekk (Medium)
mtrhermes_rorhus (Medium)

Selection of products
Hermes AS offers a wide variety of seafrozen products, manily H/G cod, H/G haddock, H/G saithe (coley), J/Cut or round redfish, J/Cut greenland halibut as well as industrial prawns. The selection will vary dependent on season, quotas og fisheries and all our products are sold through Norges Råfisklag or Surofi.

Quality control
“Hermes” produces according to HACCP and its own onboard qualitysystem. A very experienced and highly qualified crew secures the delivery of high quality products.

Fishing areas
The fishing areas we operate in are mainly in the north-east Atlantic (FAO area 27). Within this area we find the Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea, the North Sea and the fishing grounds around Svalbard.

In these cold clean waters we find fish and prawns of the highest quality. Due to the low temperature in the sea everything grows slowly, which provides for the firm texture and good taste that fish and prawns from these waters are so known for.
– Cod
– Haddock
– Saithe (Coley)
– Redfish
– Greenland halibut
– Other whitefish
– Prawns



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