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Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS
Address: Markedsgata 3, Postboks 1053, N-9510 Alta, Norway
Tel: +47 78 44 95 95
Fax: +47 78 44 95 96

Principles and values

Grieg Seafood Finnmark
Finnmark is in the northernmost part of Continental Europe, where Norway swings eastward. In the midst of wild and majestic scenery with steep mountains and icy fjords, the conditions are ideal for growing healthy fish of exceptional quality. Operations in Finnmark were established in 1978 by Norwegian fish-farming pioneer Harald Volden. In 2006 the Volden Group merged with Grieg Seafood and was renamed Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS (GSFF).

GSFF farms salmon on 24 grow out licenses. The company consists of administration, a maintenance department and a processing plant, in addition to salmon farming. The company employs 210 people, and thus contributes subsatially to creating values and work in Finnmark, both directly and through contractors. GSFF has operations in five counties in Finnmark, and in Nordkapp County the company has the world’s northernmost fish farm.

During the last years, GSFF has built a considerable capacity for hatching fish, with a special focus on producing large smolts, which will contribute to optimizing the company’s production. The fish is mainly exported to markets in the Far East and the EU.

The production capacity is 28 000 tonnes gutted weight (GWE).

Management principles
– We are open and honest
– Today we shall do better than yesterday
– We do what we say
– We are positive and enthusiastic
– We care

Our Values
– Open
– Respectful
– Ambitious

Food Safety and Traceability
The Grieg Seafood organization emphasizes reliability and maintaining a continuous year-around supply of quality salmon. This is enabled by the high competence of our employees and a continuous dedication towards sustainable production.

We strive to always deliver fresh and healthy products with optimal nutritional values. This requires full traceability and focus on the quality and food safety of our products and raw materials. In order to provide our customers with a continuous supply it is paramount that we uphold strict quality control, focus on sustainability, fish welfare and environmental concerns. Grieg Seafood will always endeavor to comply with all laws and regulations in order to provide full traceability throughout the process of producing top-quality salmon and trout.

With the importance of food safety to today’s consumer, salmon and trout producers must be able to verify the quality of their fish from egg to market. Our production standards and quality management program allow us provide the certainty our customers demand. Grieg Seafood directs every aspect of production from broodstock to market, allowing unprecedented control of quality at every step. We are a full cycle company; from stripping brood eggs to growing smolts at our freshwater hatchery, to production growth out at sea.

As an industry, Grieg Seafood has developed standards that exceed government requirements. We have established best management practices and continuous programs to reduce our impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

For example, our farms and management practices in Canada are audited by the government of British Columbia annually and our outstanding performance speaks for itself. Since 2002, Grieg has consistently achieved a one hundred per cent compliance status.



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