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GC Rieber Omega-Concentrates AS
Address: Teistholmsundet 5, 6512 KRISTIANSUND N, Norway
Tlf: 71 68 30 00
Fax: 71 68 30 99

GC Rieber Oils has been a leading supplier of refined fish oils since 1965
The company is headquartered in Kristiansund on the north-west coast of Norway, a central base for the Scandinavian marine industry. In the later years we have established sales offices in Australia and USA providing support and service for our customers worldwide.

Having been a well reputed global supplier of a full range of marine sourced oils, GC Rieber Oils has now invested in a high technological factory which can refine exclusive concentrates of marine omega-3.

GC Rieber Oils modern refining technologies guarantee a high and consistent quality, with state-of-the-art cleaning technologies that according to each specification can remove or reduce environmental pollutants, cholesterol and oxidation products. The company is fully approved under ISO 9001 with HACCP certification.

With a long history of sourcing crude fish oils for production, and with close relations in South America and Norway, the company has the best access to the largest sources of crude fish oil in the world. This makes GC Rieber Oils a reliable supply partner.

GC Rieber Omega-3 Concentrates
GC Rieber Oils is a  producer of high-concentrated omega-3 oils. Our exclusive 70 DHA TG is an Ultra product with a total omega-3 content of 90%.  The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is particularly beneficial for developing brain and eyes in both old and young people.

We offer our high concentrated oils to customers all over the world. GC Rieber Oils is a vital part of the GC Rieber Group.

VivoMega – For all stages of life!
GC Rieber Oils prides itself in utilizing state-of-the-art, modern refining technologies guaranteed to provide highest quality, best-in-class marine oil product lines. Only the most suitable fish oil is selected to be processed into our exclusive brand of VivoMega. Using patented proprietary production processes and quality assurance protocols, bulk marine oils are transformed into ultra pure concentrates tailored according to customer specifications and compliant with GMP, FDA, and ISO 9001 standards and regulations:

Purification and concentration of bulk oil to optimize the omega-3 lipids
– High vacuum short-path distillation to achieve up to 90% total omega-3 content
– Careful enzymatic formation of TGs from omega-3 concentrates
– Proprietary patented green technology to achieve highly concentrated DHA products
– Unique deodorization process and natural antioxidants fortification to preserve potency, freshness, and extended shelf-life

This oil forms the basis for our top-range product, the VivoMega 70 DHA Ultra TG. Unlike many other producers of omega-3, we deodorise all our products at the end of the process. This removes smell and odour from the products. All our VivoMega ULTRA™ products can be delivered in either triglycerides (TG) or ethyl ester (EE) form.
Please send us an e-mail if you require specifications for any of our VivoMega products.

Europe: gro.naalsund@gcrieber.no
USA: steve.dillingham@gcrieber.no
Asia-Pacific: peter.hamilton@gcrieber.no



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