Foncasal Trading S. L.



Foncasal Trading S. L.
Address: Pol. Industrial Cantabria II., C/ Las Cañas, 76, 26006 Logroño (La Rioja) Spain
Tel: (34) 941 26 23 12
Fax: (34) 941 26 29 78
GPS: 42°28´58´´ NORTE, 2°25´11´´

Passionate about what we do
FONCASAL SL is a Spanish company with an international focus dedicated to manufacture a different range of quality food products:
– Heat-treated meat products.
– Cured Meats
– Canned Fish & Seafood
– Bovine & Porcine frozen meats.

Equipped with the latest technology and backed with a strong annual investment in R&D allows FONCASAL SL to offer all its customers trust and reliability.

R & D
FONCASAL SL is constantly seeking to permanently adapt to the countries where it operates. Thus, in 2003 it created its own R&D department which is fully integrated within the company. The aim for its creation was to achieve independence from third parties allowing the company to be at the forefront of technological levels of production and to maintain a maximum level of flexibility.

In regards of innovation, areas such as the highest technology, creative packaging, innovative formulations and improving the process for the conservation of food play a fundamental role for the company.

“All the research, any new developed product or the latest innovations do not have any sense without perseverance”

R&D Director
FONCASAL SL is the founder member of AIDIA (Asociacion para la Investigacion y Desarrollo de la Industria Alimentaria), and CITA (Centro de Innovacion y Tecnologia de LaRioja).

The first being a Research and Development Association for the Food Industry in Spain and the latest is the Technological and Innovation Center in La Rioja. Some of the projects developed by these associations are:

CENIT-HIGEA: “tools to research and develop new approaches to the prevention of chronic foof”
ADER-MITyC: “Development of long life raw meat sliced products”
CDTI-ADER: “Research and development of new food products based on the use of natural antioxidants”

Quality is a key factor for us on the day to day basis, aiming to ensure primarily compliance with any of the products our company manufactures. Therefore, responding and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers and clients. This work methodology is based on a systematic preventive approach Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Quality begins with each individual job within the workforce and it is directly related to a dynamic monitoring and follow-up of the manufacturing processes. Chemical and physical analyses are carried out daily in FONCASAL’s own in-house laboratory. In addition, those analyses are complemented with further analysis carried out by other approved laboratories which are external to our company.

All of this allows us to be approved and certified by different official bodies: ISO 9001:2008, GOST (Russian Quality Certificate), registered in LISTA MARCO, HALAL certification and other certificates which allows us to export our products to countries such as South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ukraine and others.

In addition, FONCASAL SL has obtained the OHSAS18001:2007 certificate, which stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series at the workplace. Therefore, the commitment of the company to achieve Total Quality Management is reflected not only on the company’s products but also in the company’s workforce.

Fish & Seafood

– Ready to be served. REFRIGERATED and FROZEN product. Long shelf life.

– Fished IN RUSSIA. Boiled and frozen.
– A unique Spanish producer of the AUTHENTIC Kamchtka KING CRAB.

– Ready to eat. Long shelf life.

– Packed in glass jars 50g -100g 200g.




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