D & N Foods Processing ( Da Nang) Co., Ltd



Address: 62 Yet Kieu st., Tho Quang ward, Son Tra Dist., Da Nang City, Viet Nam
Phone No: 0511.3.848.170 – 0905.135.901
Email: quangdnf@gmail.com (Mr Quang)
Fax: 0511.3.848.230

History of D&N:
– 1996 obtained license of establishment of D&N by peoples of committee in Hanoi as registered capital US$3,000,000.- contributed 100% Japanese investor (Daiichi Chinmi & Nichimen), for the purpose of producing marine products
– 1997 built factory and start operation and export to Japan
– 2005 built 2nd factory for value added products. Change registered capital 100% by Daiichi Chinmi
– 2006 obtained HACCP certificate. Start sales in Vietnamese market
– 2011 exchange business tie-up with Bac Dau
– 2012 re-registered US FDA registration

General factory introduction:
‘ Our products are produced by safety and modern & up to date food facilities’

Our factory is located in Danag Vietnam where is one of very famous fishing port in Vietnam. Every morning we can receive fresh fish from fisherman and fishing boats.Our factory is composed by 2 factories. Factory No.1 is to produce uncooked products such as fish paste (surimi), fish filet, peeled shrimp, processed squid etc and 2nd factory is to produce cooked value added products which is separated into 5 areas such as steam products, fried products, roasted products, cooked products and dried products.

In order to produce these kinds of products, many kinds of facilites, machines tools are imported from Japan, Taiwan, USA etc.installed such as factory No. 1 (full set of fish paste plant, washing fish machine, peeling fish skin machine, contact freezer , steel belt IQF machine, Air blast freezer) and factory No.2 ( steaming conveyor, cooling conveyor, steam jacket, jet oven, fryer, silent cutter, fish paste molding machine, fish past ball machine etc). These are supported by modern up dated maintenance system.

General operation:
‘our products are based on Japanese modern technology, quality control and Japanese tradition’

This factory is invested by Daiichi Chinmi who is one of famous producer of Japanese traditional foods in Japan. Therefore all of management and operation are done under control of highest Japanese quality control system and technology. In order to do so, Japanese director and several Japanese technicians are staying in factory for 24 hours.

In addition, company sends Vietnamese workers to Japan periodically as trainee in order to learn Japanese modern technology and hygienic system every year for the period of 1~3years. These Vietnamese workers who came back from Japan support our safety and modern operation together with Japanese technicians.

We also have our own laboratory to check situation of products under HACCP procedure. All of our products are inspected very carefully and strictly by our laboratory before delivery to customers so as to match with any food regulations and all of data is kept there as recode of traceability.

Furthermore, in order to develop new products for matching with many kinds of consumers speedy, we have R&D section which is also managed by Japanese and Vietnamese who trained in Japan. They are ready anytime to response from customers request and demand.


Steam Products
– CANG CUA – Packing: 500gr/packx20pack/ctn
– CUTTLEFISH BALL – Packing: 500gr/pack x 20packs/ctn
– NARUTO MAKI – Packing: 160gr/pack x 50packs/ctn
– CRAB BALL – Packing: 500gr/pack x 20packs/ctn
– SHRIMP BALL (EBI BALL) – Packing: 500gr/pack x 20packs
– IKA GESO BALL – Packing – 500g/pack x 20packs/ctn
– KANI BURGER – Packing: 250g/packs x 40pcs/ctn

Roasted Products
Packing: (200gr/pcx10pcs)x4box/ctn

Packing: (200gr/pcx10pcs)x4box/ctn

Packing: (200gr/pcx10pcs)x4box/ctn

Packing: (200gr/pcx10pcs)x4box/ctn



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