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Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited
Postal Address: P.O. Box 39, 60 Saulnierville Rd, Saulniervile, Nova Scotia, B0W 2Z0
TEL: (902) 769-2101
FAX: (902) 769-3594

About Us: Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited
Leveraging World Markets to Bring Quality Products to You
For more than 65 years, Comeau’s Sea Foods has been a mainstay in the Canadian seafood industry. We are proud of our record as leaders in the harvesting, processing and global distribution of fish and seafood products. We have pushed our boundaries using enhanced communications and secure transportation systems in order to reach out to customers and suppliers all over the world.

Our commitment to customer service and dedication to quality has contributed greatly to our longevity and continued success.

Comeau’s Sea Foods Group of Companies was founded by Bernardin J. Comeau and Clarence Comeau in 1946. Today, a variety of business activities serve loyal retail, foodservice and industrial customers in the areas of harvesting, processing, bottling and distributing of quality fish and food products. Fresh goods include scallops, herring, herring meal and oil.

Comeau’s Sea Foods Group also processes a full line of quality frozen herring fillets, scallops and herring roe. Our value-added product lines include smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, salt fish, breaded scallops, seafood spreads, seafood chowders and ready-to-eat items.

Our commitment to being the best in harvesting and processing seafood has also led us to expand into services that complement our industry. You can trust in Comeau’s Sea Foods Group for industrial grade metal fabrication and machining, ship repair and maintenance services along with a fully stocked supply store with a wide range of products guaranteed to perform under pressure. Further, through our Nova West Laboratories we conduct compliance testing and quality control.

We look to grow and change as we meet your needs while being recognized as innovators of great tasting quality seafood obtained in an environmentally responsible manner.

Comeau’s Sea Foods upholds its reputation for consistent, superior seafood products by adhering to strict practices and quality controls.
– We focus on customer needs, tastes and market preferences.
– We take pride in the clean and unpolluted purity of our local marine resources.
– We retain our own licenses and vessels, and operate our own testing facilities and processing plants.
– We adhere to stringent quality procedures in modern processing facilities that consistently meet or exceed Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations.
– We have loyal and dedicated employees that take pride in being part of the Comeau’s Sea Foods family.

Please feel free to contact us at – we welcome your questions and look forward to hearing from you.

Protecting Our Resources for Tomorrow – Sustainability
Natural and human activities have an impact on our ocean habitat. As stewards in maintaining a healthy, resilient ecosystem, Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited. strives to operate in a responsible manner while minimizing environmental impact.

“Our ultimate goal as a company is to service current demands while ensuring that future generations will have the ability to enjoy a healthy ocean habitat as a rich source of food.”

Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited. began in 1946 as a family business. Our long term objectives are community and value based, while focusing on overall long term viability. We see our role as protecting oceans and ocean habitat while maintaining commercial growth and success.

We continue to seek excellence in our everyday operations–whether we are processing and harvesting domestic seafood products or processing from international sources.

As a business, Comeau’s Sea Foods seeks to be recognized by its customers for product innovation, quality, reliability and flexibility in production.

As part of the community, Comeau’s Sea Foods is concerned about conservation and the sustainability of Canada’s rich ocean resources. The company is committed to responsibility in all commercial activities, in accordance with industry-standard practices for marine and coastal environments. Quality Management Program (QMP) HACCP Based is an integral part of our business strategy.

Our Guiding Principles:
– Healthy oceans are our responsibility.
– Healthy ocean habitats encompass much more than traditional species harvested.
– Our role is to ensure that while we are commercially focused, we provide long term security for our oceans, thus enabling future generations to benefit beyond purely economical viability.
– Oceans and ocean habitats are becoming increasingly important as a medium to long term source of food for our planet. It will play a key role both in the wild and aquaculture fisheries.
– We practice and support sustainable harvesting practices.
– We participate in and support research and development of new harvesting and alternate fishing technologies in order to minimize the effects on the ocean habitat.
– Government and industry currently take a much more holistic view of oceans and environmental management practices.
– We support and participate in a number of endeavours related to sustainability, traceability and environmentally sound practices.

About Fish, Seafood & Meal
We at Comeau’s Sea Foods deliver value to our customers with each purchase. The company’s innovative approach to product development and focus on market demand ensures that all aspects of the product line – from choice of flavours to portion sizes – meet customer preferences for taste, presentation, preparation time and price.

Comeau’s Sea Foods’ locally harvested or purchased fresh, frozen and smoked products include:
• Offshore scallops from the North Atlantic (fresh, block frozen or individually quick frozen (IQF)
• Fish steaks
• Herring fillets (fresh, frozen and marinated)
• Herring roe for the Japanese market (frozen and prepared)
• Groundfish (haddock, cod, pollock – smoked and frozen)
• Smoked salmon
• Golden smoked herring (mackerel, herring and kipper)
• Salt fish (cod, pollock, cusk and hake)

Our foodservice and retail customers are also encouraged to try our line of value-added seafood products, including breaded fish and scallops, chowders, spreads and ready-to-eat items.

Comeau’s Sea Foods serves industrial customers with a complete product line. These items include: herring bait, herring meal and oil.

About Comeau’s Seafoods Stockroom
We have learned through the operation of all seven of our Comeau’s Sea Foods production facilities that they each must operate at superior standards in order to produce superior grade products.

Our Stockroom is committed to servicing the needs of our industrial marine clients worldwide. You can trust in knowing that the products we offer to you are the same ones we rely on to ensure our own commercial success.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our own supply store that is fully stocked with a wide range of products guaranteed to perform under pressure – electrical and welding products, safety items, cleaning supplies, paint and other maintenance items for all our processing operations.



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