Chesapeake Bay Packing, LLC



Main Office & Distribution Warehouse
Address: 800 Terminal Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607

Processing Plant
Address: 703 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA 23607

Offloading Facility
Address: 1000 Terminal Ave., Newport News, VA 23607

Telephone: (757) 244-8400
Fax: (757) 244-8500


General Manager:
Terence D. Molloy

Boat Operations:
Chris Brauer

Fresh/Frozen Sales Manager:
Robert Baloga

Teresa Anthony

Plant Manager:
Scott Beagle

Export Sales:
Rick Robins

A Leader in the Scallop Industry
Through significant research and development, we have achieved comprehensive knowledge of efficient, quality-based processing techniques that produce the highest quality products. We have implemented unique technology through cooperative ventures with equipment manufacturers throughout the world. We lead the industry in processing efficiencies. These procedures and advanced technology ensure we produce the highest quality product.

Through continuous monitoring of our processing environment, and TQM practices, our processing lines are setup to maximize yield and volume to ensure that we can offer our customers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Premier Products and Competitive Prices
Our modern facilities along with our catcher/processor fleet and independent vessels allow us to offer a comprehensive scallop lineup. Fresh and frozen domestic sea scallops (block frozen and IQF, in a variety of pack sizes), frozen-at-sea scallops, and scallops from around the world; Peru, Argentina, Japan, Chile, China, Vietnam, Philippines, as well as other sources of scallops available in today’s market.

We can package using your brand label or you can chose from our Golden Banks dry, or Bay Star value-added brand scallops, both available in IQF or block frozen. In addition, three of our company-owned catcher/processor vessels supply our premier frozen-at-sea product. An unsurpassed product that’s frozen within hours of harvest.



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