Cataliment S.L.



Cataliment S.L.
Address 1: Pol. Ind. Oeste, parcela 9-13 módulo C, 30820 Alcantarilla, Murcia, España
Address 2: Apdo Correos 123, 30169, San Ginés, Murcia, España
Tel.: 34 968 89 29 64
Fax: 34 968 89 18 45

The Spanish company Cataliment, a leader in transforming sea food, and a global innovator in its sector, is located in the Murcia region. Murcia is known for its long tradition and cultural diversity in sea food at the Mediterranean Sea.

Black Pearls from the Mediterranean Sea
Cataliment was founded in 1993 by a dynamic group of young professionals, experts in the food industry. The main goal was to offer the best products and to investigate market needs world-wide.

Following these values, our products AVRUGA, MOLUGA, ANCHOVIAR, ARËNKHA MSC and TRUFKA were born and are nowadays sold by PESCAVIAR on five continents.
Airlines, hotels, restaurants, catering services, gourmet stores, department stores, and fine supermarkets are our customers, all and each one with its incredible success story and recognition by their clients and consumers, also helping to win numerous awards in national and international food competitions.

Cataliment Tradition and Innovation
After many years of investigation on food formulas of the Mesopotamian time, rescuing recipes about treatment of salted fish and continuing the R&D process with its experts today, Cataliment produces the result in the form of vanguard taste, outstanding quality and continuous innovation.

Cataliment, the Choice of Gourmets
This new and passionate step which Cataliment has recently embarked upon, involves creating a Private Label product for the general food trade, integrating its outstanding quality but at an affordable price; and to develop a ready-made component for the catering sector, which fits the needs of small, medium and bigplayers in the service industry. This product is aimed to fulfill innovative product design, outstanding flavor,texture and shape, which will surprise you and your customers. Unique in a very competitive market-desirable as a modern consumer product.

The amount of experience, the wish to blossom, dynamic evolution and conviction of presenting the best product with superior qualities at best price, has given Cataliment a high profile globally, which has led to this next step ahead, reaching new customers, who value quality all over the world.

The company Cataliment has obtained certifications from BRC, IFS, MSC and APPCC.



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