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Head office and Accounts:
Postal address: PO Box 780, South Fremantle, WA 6162, Australia
Telephone: +61 8 9433 7733
Facsimile: +61 8 9433 7788

Head office location:
Address: 307 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA 6162, Australia.

Export Sales Office:
Telephone: +61 8 9386 8210
Facsimile: +61 8 9386 9198


Australian consumers have a love affair with Australian caught seafood. This sterns back to traditional holidays on the coast purchasing tasty seafood from the local fishing fleets. Through time consumers have also recognised the considerable health benefits of a high seafood diet. Firstly as a lean and tasty protein and more recently as an excellent source of long chain omega 3 fatty acids with proven positive heart health impacts.

With the CSIRO recommending 3 – 5 fish meals a week based on these proven health benefits the seafood love affair continues to grow. With this increasing demand and limited fish resources it is becoming more important than ever for consumers to make not only healthy but sustainable seafood choices.

Australia Bay Seafoods recognises both the importance of this sustainability to the consumer as well as its own investment in the seafood industry. The company produces high quality tropical snapper from sustainable fisheries in the pristine waters of Northern Australia.

The Company – Australia Bay Seafoods

Australia Bay Seafoods, was founded in 1987, to trawl for the under-utilised red snapper resources of the Northern Territory. The company was established by Australian fishermen with years of experience in the industry. The founders went on to captain their own operation and have developed Australia Bay Seafoods in to one of Australia’s leading fishing companies. The company remains family owned and is still committed to the values introduced by the fishermen on day one. Now the largest supplier of saddle tail snapper in Australia the company’s success has been built on the principles of quality and sustainability.

Our vessels are “Approved Arrangement registered” to pack and supply export fish to all markets. Under our AA we have our HACCP programs which are audited by management and DAFF ( Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries), the controlling body For AA. Our AA covers pre and post harvest operations which include traceability of our products as required by the major supermarkets and all our buyers.

Fishermen have long recognised their future is dependent on sustainability. The company recognised early in its existence that sustainability was also becoming increasingly important to consumers. Considerable voluntary investment has been made in initiatives to minimise the impacts our fishing on the marine environment. This has culminated in our company working with government to implement sophisticated management arrangements into the fishery to ensure the fisheries future sustainability. Such arrangements are not normally considered for fisheries that are underutilised but Australia Bay Seafoods saw clear benefits to all in ensuring the fishery is never allowed to overdevelop.

With the sustainability of the fishery guaranteed we can now concentrate on bringing sustainable Australian fish from these pristine waters to the marketplace.

Lutjanus malabaricus (Saddletail Snapper)
Lutjanus erythropterus (Crimson Snapper)
Lutjanus russelli (Moses Snapper / Perch)
Lethrinus lentjan (Redspot Emperor)
Argyrops spinifer (Frypan Bream)
Fillets of fish



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