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Safcol Central Fish Market
Address: 54 London Road Mile End Adelaide 5031 Australia

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Adelaide Depot
Address: Safcol Central Fish Market, 54 London Road Mile End 5031

Australian States and Territories
SA, VIC, WA, NT, Adelaide (Safcol) Fish Market

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Tel: +61 428827232

Australian States and Territories
Port Lincoln factory outlet sales

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Tel: +61 400002410

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Tel: +44 207 871 0699

About the South Australian Prawn Co-operative Ltd

The South Australian Prawn Cooperative was established by a group of hard working fishermen from the Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery with a vision to market their own catch.

Commercial prawn catches first landed in the Spencer Gulf in late 1967, and the species “Western King” (Merlicertus latisulcatus) has become known as the most preferred king prawn in Australia. The quality is unsurpassed due to taste, texture, and its glistening appearance, almost certainly the best eating prawn in the world.

A new generation of fishermen has evolved employing a combination of decades of experience with the latest technology available. This change of guard has resulted in the amalgamation of almost half of the Spencer Gulf prawn licence holders to collectively market their catch under the “AUSSEA” brand, which is 100% owned by the fishermen and their families.

The AUSSEA fishermen have a long history of professional fishing in their blood, including many pioneers in various South Australian fisheries. Today AUSSEA leads the way in the South Australian prawn industry with admiration from peers and consumers alike.

At the forefront of Sales and Marketing is one of our own previous Spencer Gulf prawn fishermen. Our team applies vast experience and intimate knowledge of prawn operations, key product characteristics and real time information to better cater for specific buyer needs, and to provide the best possible service, with integrity and pride.

MSClogo smallDirect access to the largest volume of Spencer Gulf wild caught king prawn in Australia is the considerable advantage AUSSEA customers benefit from, along with reliable scheduled supply throughout the year, value added product range for retail and food service sector, globally recognised “MSC” certified sustainable product with a supporting “MSC chain of custody” certification.

The discerning seafood buyer has transformed the focus of AUSSEA fishermen allowing us to essentially adapt to today’s market with a simplified chain of supply, investment in new product development, new market opportunities, whilst upholding key volume accounts simply by our economies of scale.

AUSSEA manages a new trading division/depot located in Adelaide’s (Safcol) Fresh Fish/Wholesale Market, along with HQ processing facility/ factory outlet in Port Lincoln.

The Spencer Gulf King prawn, “Western King” (Melicertus latisulcatus), are wild caught in the cool clear waters of Spencer Gulf South Australia, a region regarded as producing the finest premium seafood in Australia.

Spencer Gulf prawns are superior in taste and texture.

AUSSEA’s modern purpose built vessels are all fitted out with the state-of-the-art machine grading systems to grade each prawn before being bulk packed in 5kg and 10kg cartons (semi IQF format), snap frozen at -40c within 60 minutes of capture, to seal the unique taste that cannot be replicated in a farmed prawn.

Distinctively our prawns mature in a safe clean marine environment to produce a premium product with exceptional fresh flavour and a firm texture.
Whole Raw King Prawns – SHELL ON
Headless Raw King Prawns – SHELL & TAIL ON
Prawn Meat – Raw & Deveined – SHELL & TAIL OFF – LOCAL SALES ONLY
Whole Cooked King Prawns – SHELL ON
Cutlets Cooked & Deveined – SHELL OFF, TAIL ON – LOCAL SALES ONLY



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