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Dover Fisheries Pty Ltd can be contacted using the details provided below
Registered and Principal Office (and Adelaide cannery):

Address: 23 Wilson Street, Royal Park, South Australia, Australia 5014
Phone: 61-8-8341 2299(International) or (852) 3500 0933(Hong Kong)
Fax: 61-8-8341 2246


GUANGYI FAN (Marketing Manager)

Dover Fisheries Pty Ltd is one of the world’s largest abalone producers. The company was established in 1976. We are specialists in processing and exporting abalone products.

The abalone we supply are mainly from the wild fishery, sourced from the cool, clean waters off South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand. We supply abalone in various forms such as in cans, frozen, heat sterilized vacuum pack as well as different species to satisfy different customer requirements.

A brief introduction to our products:
Most of canned abalone product is in the counts from 1, 1 1/2 (1 whole abalone plus a cut piece) to 3 whole abalone per can. The counts from 4 to 14 whole abalone are also available.

Frozen Australian Greenlip abalone is becoming more and more popular in markets. We supply Greenlip frozen in sizes 1-2/LB, 2-3/LB and 3-5/LB, that is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) meat only without shell.

Heat sterilised vacuum packed abalone is fully cooked and ready to eat. The abalone can be clearly seen through the bag with shelf life up to one and half years. This packing offers maximum retention of the abalone taste and flavour.

In response to worldwide wild abalone resource shortage, farmed Australian Greenlip is a new product and just becoming available in recent years, available in canned form from 6 to 18 whole abalone per can. These are also available frozen and vacuum packed.

Our products are labelled with Dover, Mermaid, Golden Horse and Emperor brands. Our production is equivalent to approximately 20,000 cartons annually.

Dover Fisheries offers excellent quality abalone products. We have a commitment to produce the best quality products and only top quality abalones are used. Our factory is accredited not only by the Australian export control authority, but also with AS/NZS ISO22000 : 2005, AS/NZS ISO 9001 : 2008,USAFDA and HACCP accreditation.

Welcome to the home of the finest Abalone in the World.
The cool clean waters of the southern oceans, pollution free and temperature stable are the source of the best abalone in the world. And nowhere are finer examples of these delicious molluscs found than around the unspoiled southern coastline of Australia where the species are harvested far from population centres and industrial pollutants so frequently encountered in the northern hemisphere.

– Australian canned abalone (Blacklip) First grade
– Australian canned abalone (Haliotis Roei) First grade
– Australian canned abalone (farmed Greenlip) First grade
– Australian canned abalone Second Grade
– Australian canned abalone (Haliotis Roei) Second Grade
– New Zealand canned abalone (Haliotis Iris) First grade
– New Zealand canned abalone (Haliotis Iris) Second grade
– Frozen (I.Q.F.) Australian Abalone Meat First grade
– Heat Sterilized Vacuum Packed Australian Blacklip Abalone Meat First grade



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