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Yantai Duobao Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Address: 588 gangcheng east street,laisha, Yantai, 264000 Shandong Province, China
Tel: +86 535 6715198
Mobile Phone: +86 15506656801
Fax: +86 535 6082120
Skype: angelsongduobao  |  ytalina720
Email: angelsongduobao@gmail.com | adaseafood@163.com
Website: http://www.duobaofoods.com
Contact Name: Angel song- |   Ada

董事長:由海波 duobaofoods@yahoo.cn

Duo bao was born in 2006. We are a professional enterprise of seafood deep processing, dedicate to forge seafood of green, far away from contamination.

Yantai is located at the boarder of Bohai gulf and Yellow Sea (East Pacific), on N 37°, benefits from related ocean currents and the climate, the area provides an ideally living environment of marine organism. Due to the mentioned conditions, the creatures which is from the area are considerably big, fleshy, tasty and entrophy.

By taking advantage of the geography, Duo bao has acquired an overwhelming superiority of RAW material, which is no match by other regions. Therefore, indeed, the product qualification is foundered; on the other hand, advanced processing technology, storage method and the strictest management system, also, double ensure the quality. We honorary received client’s trusts from both domestic and oversea by honest, strict and down-to-earth of our beliefs. For many years, we’ve been marketed the Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, established long and firm cooperation relationship with numbers of international enterprises.

During the product processing, we following the world standard of food processing, passed ISO Quality System Certification and HACCP.

煙台多寶食品有限公司于2009年成立,是集水产品原料收购、加工、冷藏于一体的出口加工企业。 煙台多寶食品有限公司位于山東煙台,交通便利,資源豐富。公司主要加工半殼生蠔,生蠔肉 ,半殼夏邑貝,東煮帆立貝,刺身帶子,赤貝,北寄貝,馬刀貝,蝦骷肉,針魚片,真章切片,煙熏三文魚,蒲燒鰻魚,甜蝦等刺身食材產品。 公司與日本,香港,台灣,韓國,新加坡,馬來西亞,美國,歐盟、等20多個國家均有業務業務往來,年出口量達10,000噸。 公司熱切希望與各位攜手共進,共創美好未來。

Frozen Product
Frozen oyster, Frozen scallop, Frozen ark shell, Frozen arctic surf clam, surf clam body meat, scallop meat, shrimp and so on

– 貝類產品
– 生蠔肉
– 北寄貝
– 赤貝
– 半殼夏邑貝
– 江珧貝柱
– 凍煮帆立貝
– 扇貝生丁
– 半殼生蠔
– 北寄貝裙邊(蘭花蚌)
– 壽司食材類
– 榮螺片
– 蒲燒鰻魚切片
– 真章切片
– 蒲燒鰻魚
– 煙熏虹鱒三文魚(切片)
– 針魚片
– 煙熏智力虹鱒三文魚
– 甜蝦
– 蝦骷肉
– 馬刀貝

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