Wei San Ocean Bay



Wei San Ocean Bay
Address: 7600 S 212th St., Kent, WA  98032
Phone: (206) 905-4370
Fax: (253) 872-6553
Email: contactus@weisanoceanbay.com

About Wei San Ocean Bay
Wei San Ocean Bay is family-owned and operated in Kent, WA.

Our founder Qi Hu Miao has been working in the seafood importing and exporting fields in the Pacific Northwest for more than 18 years. With his experience, expertise, and strong relationship with related businesses in the northwest, we have established a strong, creditable, and sustainable reputation among others, which made us one of the few long-term partner with largest geoduck and oyster raising farm in Washington state. Meanwhile, Mr. Miao is one of the primary founders of the Eastern Chinese Seafood Group, which is most of the shellstock products exporting to.

With the advantages we possess, we are continuously growing to stay as the top shellstock exporter in the northwest Area.

Daily Process
We guarantee high quality shellstock products at Wei San Ocean Bay relying on our staffs assuring each single step of the whole process on a daily bases.

Pick up
from local shellfish farms or ports.

with refrigeration to keep products fresh.

to keep shellstock alive in wet storage.

with full protection and gel ice.

to the airport safely.

to destination as soon as possible.

We take pride in our high quality products. All of the products we carry are harvested from certified and trusted harvesters, and will always be delivered to you within 36 hours, from harvested out of water to landing at your destination via air freights.

We handle a variety of products including:

Farm Raised Geoducks
Farmed and harvested by one of largest shellstock farms in the Pacific Northwest that raises geoducks.

Wild Geoducks
Wild Pacific geoducks harvested either by Washington state fishery or Native American Tribal fishermen.

Pacific Oysters
Farmed and harvested by local shellfish farms. Classified into three sizes:
Small 3″ – 4″ / piece
Medium 5″ – 6″ / piece
Large 6″ – 7″ / piece



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