Trung Thanh Co., Ltd



Head office:  No 2 Linh Nam- Hoang Mai Dist – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Tel: (04) 3862 3040 / 3861297
Fax: (04) 38626559

Branch office in Ho Chi Minh City: 34/5C Dong Lan Hamlet – Ba Diem Village- Hoc Mon Distric- HCm city
Tel: (08) 3252 1690
Fax: (08) 38832645

Brand office in Ha Nam:  Dong Van Food Processing Factory –  Dong Van Industrial Zone, Duy Tien Dist, Ha Nam Province
Tel: (0351) 3836352 / 3836351
Fax: (0351) 3836603
Hotline: 1800585819

Introduce TrungThanh Company
TrungThanh Co., Ltd is a business that operates in the field of processing and trading spice food.

Are you ready to overcome waves with TrungThanh?

Hey, hey, hey, hot new, hot new!”, we have found out the new name for “TrungThanh news”, it’s “Overcoming waves”?

TrungThanh – Famous Brand
The brand TrungThanh of TrungThanh company was vote as Famous Brand honorably. This title once again confirmed the position of TrungThanh company in spices and food and confirmed the quality and prestige of TrungThanh products for consumers.

I am TrungThành!
As a member of TrungThanh company, have you ever care how many times you see or write the name “TrungThanh” a day, and are you sure that you have written correctly? Let’s make a small test.

The imprint of TrungThanh
Agricultural products
Bringing the country’s soul
Intense love
Giving life…

Home TrungThanh
From the original founding idea, TrungThanh was developed by the proper orientation of the Board of Directors and the major contributions of many generations of employees in the company. Passing 15 years developing,TrungThanh proud of achievements are described below at a glance

The foundation of TrungThanh home
In 1995, Trung Thanh Limited Company was founded and based on No.102, C21 Mai Dong Collective Buliding , Mai Dong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi

Letter to customers
In recent years, TrungThanh – A brand of agricultural products has appeared in the kitchen of all Vietnam families and International markets. With the belief of consumers, Trung Thanh always get the timely support which is proved by consumers nationwide vote: five years of Vietnam Quality Goods quality; Vietnamese Gold Star Award;… .



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