Shantou Anruixin Food Technology Co., Ltd.



Shantou Anruixin Food Technology Co., Ltd.
Shantou Anruis Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Rm1402, Block A, Huamei Building, Jinshadong Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China(515041)
Phone: 0086-754-8899 8117
Fax: 0086-754-8899 8119
Mobile: 86 18607541798
Website: http: //
Contact: Tiffany

About Us
Shantou Anruixin Food Technology Co., Ltd is located in coastal city Shantou, where is famous for rich aquatic products. As one of the modern aquatic suppliers, we are specializing in value-added aquatic products producing and trading.

Adhering to years of experience in the aquaculture industry, professional value-added products R&D team and precise QC group, our company committed to provide customers with safe and superior quality seafood and professional trade service.

Commitment on quality and service is our company’s premier focus. We will provide you high quality products at competitive prices. We will to be your reliable partner.

As long as it swims;we will get it for you
As long as you need it;we will source it.
As long as you want it canned;we will do it for you.
As long as you want it preserved;we have the means to do so.


Headless shrimp
Japanese Tiger Prawn
Peeled Shrimp (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
White Shrimp HOSO (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
White Shrimp HLSO (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
Cooked Peeled Prawns (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
Cooked Head-on Shrimp (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
Frozen Shrimp HLSO
Tilapia Fillet (Latin: Oreochromis niloticus)
Crab Claw Meat
Tempura Shrimp
Crab Cake
Frog Leg
Cooked Prawns CPTO (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
Cooked Prawns HLSO (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
Select Tempura Fish Fillet 85g,115g,145g
Select Crumbed Fish Fillet 120g
Frozen Squid Tube (Latin: Loligo)
Wild Caught PUD Shrimp (Latin: Wild Caught PUD Shrimp)
Roundscad (Latin: Decapterus maruadsi)
Banded tuna (Latin: Scomberomorus commerson)
Fish Spring Rolls
Sardine (Latin: Sardina pilchardus)
Boxed Crab Meat
Bagged Crab Meat
Crab Cake
Tempura Mix
Swimming Crab (Latin: Callinectes sapidus)
Hot & Spicy Flavour Shrimp Pops
Elongated Breaded Shrimp
Golden Noodles Shrimp
Cooked Shrimp Ring (Latin: Penaeus Vannamei)
Giant Tiger Prawn (Latin: Penaeus monodon)
Peeled Coastal mud shrimp (Latin: Solenocera crassicornis)
Yellow Croaker (Latin: Pseudosciaena Crocea)
Red Sea Beam (Latin: Pagrus Major)
Ribbonfish (Latin: Trichiurus haumela)
Japanese Seabass (Latin: Lateolabrax Japonicus)
Red Drum (Latin: Sciaenops Ocellcatus)
Golden Pompano (Latin: Trachinotus ovatus)



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