Seiko Marine Products Sdn Bhd



Seiko Marine Products Sdn Bhd (325262-P)
Address: 30 Jalan Meru Indah 20, Taman Perindustrian Meru Indah, 42200 Kapar, Selangor
Tel: 03-3393 1351
Fax: 03-3393 1353

Seiko Marine Products Sdn Bhd was incorporated in November, 1994. The company started out as a supplier of frozen fresh fish, shrimp, squid and dried sea cucumber to restaurants and whole sellers in the country. Seiko Marine has since diversified into the manufacturing of value added seafood products.

The founder of Seiko Marine is a very experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Alan TK Lim who started out as a supplier of equipment back in 1988. The economic downturn in the 1990s forced him to make a drastic change of business line to that of seafood, and that was how he started Seiko Marine.

As with any new venture, Alan Lim was faced with many obstacles in starting up the business in particular funding. Yet he persevered and managed to source for solutions to resolve these issues based on his past business knowledge and experience. Alan Lim’s foray in the seafood industry covers the entire spectrum ranging from fishing and fish landing to sea cucumber harvesting and processing to seafood processing and production; from finished product development to international marketing.

Seiko Marine eventually built up its production capacity with progressive additions of manufacturing equipment, plant and machinery and  developed its range of products to meet the ever-changing consumer trend of the time. With strong management support, Seiko Marine succeeded in becoming what it is today.

The company is based in the industrial estate of Meru Indah, Klang in the state of Selangor, one of the country’s more industrious states.



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