Savvy Seafood Inc.



Savvy Seafood Inc.
Address: No.8 Yong-Ping South Road. Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524022, P.R.China.
Tel: +86-759-361 6999
Fax: +86-759-361-6988

Savvy Seafood is located in Zhangjiang, Guangdong, a shrimp farming and distribution center in Southern China.With 11,000㎡of total area and 4,500㎡of production workshop, it’s ready to serve the customers from raw shell-on to various value added products, flexible packages and private labels.

Management Philosophy
Savvy Seafood holds a strong belief to long-term relationship and mutual benefit. The leading production technology and continuous R&D assure its superior quality; the competitive price and ultimate service guarantee a leading position from its peers.

Business Philosophy
Establish a foothold in China and dedicate itself to the global seafood business. China has become one of the most important countries for global seafood industry. Savvy Seafood is to develop into an integrated seafood production and marketing company. It makes a reliable partner for your seafood business in China.

Head-on (Raw &Cooked)
Headless Shell-on (Raw &Cooked)
P.U.D & P.N.D. (Raw & Cooked)/ Butterfly (Raw) / Value-added (Raw & Cooked)


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