Pereira Elaborados SA



Pereira Elaborados SA
Address: Calle de Jacinto Benavente, 29, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
Phone: +34 986 29 40 48
Fax: +34 986 207 609

In terms of the company’s history, it was founded by José Pereira Álvarez, who began his activity in the world of fishing in the mid-twentieth century. The family origin of the company dates back many years, beginning with its first small fishing boats that returned with catches mainly from the North Atlantic, in the area known as Gran Sol.

In a second stage, the company grew from strength to strength, changing its fleet to specialised medium-sized vessels with the innovation of on-board freezer holds, making preservation easier and considerably improving the quality of its products. In this second stage, its vessels mainly fished in the grounds off of Morocco and Mauritania.

The third stage of the company’s development saw a complete renewal of its fleet, adapting it to new types of products and fishing grounds. Modern electronic and computerised fishing technologies were incorporated, to satisfy the new demands of the market. A commercial department was also created, with its own distribution network and points of sale, together with a series of infrastructures for producing and processing fishing products.

Today, at a stage when the fleet has grown in size and returns with catches from all over the world, the same spirit of commitment still prevails, with a philosophy focused on development that has respect towards the sea as a priority.


Distribution Catalog
• Acedia
• Bacalao del Atlántico
• Brotola Austral
• Brótola Blanca
• Brotola Brasileña
• Brótola Roja
• Cabra
• Cachucho
• Calamar Patagonico
• Camaron de Groenlandia
• Carbonero, Fogonero ó Colin
• Choco del Senegal
• Colas de rape chino
• Denton
• Fletán Negro o Halibut Negro
• Fletán o Halibut Atlántico
• Gallineta
• Gambon Argentino
• Gata
• Granadero Berlax
• Granadero comun
• Jurel comun o negro
• Langostino rosado del Senegal
• Langostino tigre de Senegal
• Lengua senegalesa
• Lenguado
• Lenguado seis monedas
• Lenguado senegales
• Limanda Amarilla
• Limanda comun
• Marujito o Nototenia
• Meiga
• Merluza Argentina
• Merluza Cola Patagonica
• Merluza Cola Patagonica (filetes)
• Merluza del cabo
• Merluza del cabo filete
• Negrita
• Peluda
• Perro del Norte
• Pez hielo
• Pez palo o Maruca azul
• Pez sable de Namibia
• Platija Americana
• Polaca
• Pota
• Pota de Namibia
• Pota Vaina
• Pota voladora del Senegal
• Pulpo comun del Senegal
• Rape del cabo
• Raya a lunares o pintada
• Raya comun
• Raya de clavos
• Robalo de profundidad
• Rosada
• Rosada (filetes)
• Rosada del Cabo
• Salmonete
• Solla o lenguado de arena
• Sortija tres ojos
• Talisman
• Tambor de bandas



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