Norwest Seafoods Pty Ltd



Kel Brown, Chairman and Managing Director.

Rick Francis, Financial Director.

Rod Johnson, Marketing Manager.

About Us
Australia’s finest ocean-caught seafood since 1963

The brand requested by name in Asia’s top restaurants for almost 50 years, Norwest Seafoods sustainably catches Australia’s finest prawns from the pristine World Heritage waters of Shark Bay. Our product is not farmed and contains no growth hormones or other additives.

Norwest is the only prawn trawling fleet in Western Australia that can process locally onshore, guaranteeing our orders are delivered on time and to specification.

Since 1993, Kel Brown has strengthened Norwest Seafoods’ international reputation as Australia’s leading prawn brand, provided considerable skilled employment opportunities in the Carnarvon region and can proudly claim it to be the first fishery in Australia to be awarded the Government seal of approval from ‘Oceans Australia’ for environmental sustainability.

In the 2011 season the Norwest fleet landed over 1 million kilograms of premium prawns and 100,000 kilograms of huge scallops, so we’ll have no problem fulfilling any size order.

Processing 100% of the catch in our own export-accredited facilities allows us to package product to our customers’ unique requirements – whatever they may be.

Norwest supplies 5 species of ocean-caught seafood:
* Western King Prawns – Penaeus latisulcatus
* Brown Tiger Prawns – Penaeus esculentus
* Coral Prawns – Metapenaeopsis crassissma
* Scallops – Amusium balloti
* Blue Swimmer Crabs – Portunus pelagicus

With 50 years of research behind it, the Shark Bay fishery is the longest running and most effectively managed prawn fishery in the world. This has given Norwest Seafoods – the largest operator with a 55% strategic stake – unbeatable industry knowledge and knowhow. Add in full vertical integration and the most environmentally friendly catching methods and you can see why we are the market leader in large-scale ocean-caught prawn fishing.

10 large, powerful vessels using the gear and licenses of 15 smaller vessels, provides significant environmental and cost benefits. The only prawn fishing operation to process onshore in Western Australia with an Australian workforce to stringent export standards. Product is fresh frozen at sea for direct shipment or processed to buyers’ individual specifications in our factory onshore, guaranteeing high quality, precise grading and accurate weights.

Operating Australia’s largest and most efficient private unloading facility guarantees no delays, total control and the ability to meet any processing schedule.

A private, 200 tonne slipway facility for refits ensures Norwest boats are in the water and fishing on time, every season. With an onsite workshop and store boasting over 7000 individual items we are guaranteed of minimum fishing downtime in case of any unexpected breakdown.

Company owned housing complex accommodating 100 persons adds further to workforce stability and efficiency.



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