Marbetan S.A.



OFFICE: Rocha 228, 7600 – Mar del Plata – Argentina
PLANT: Av. “F” s/nº, Estación Chapadmalal, Partido de General Pueyrredón
Tel.: (54) 223 464-2473
Fax: (54) 223 464-2482

Mobile: (549) 223 (15) 4004304

Mobile: (549) 223 (15) 4004706

Mobile: (549) 223 (15) 4003501

For the elaboration of the Salty Anchovies, the company counts on a specialized productive establishment, denominated”MARBETAN S.A”, located in the neighborhoods of the city of Batán.

The history of this establishment goes back to 1987, when the company before the deficiency of facilities, decides its acquisition. Then mt2 counted on a surface covered with 4,000, and in covered 5,200 year 1987/8 mt2 grows to. Being the total of the surface of the land of 24,000 mt2, which allows to anticipate future extensions.

Its capacity of production goes up to around 2,500 barrels x month, depending on the used personnel who fluctuates between 140 to 300 people working in single turn. Counting on an atmosphere equipment controlled for the storage of the merchandise with two objectives:

• Refrigeration: it avoids the decrease in kilos by the effect of the heat, taking to one better maturation.
• Heating: it generates the effect in opposition to the refrigeration, has the intention to reduce the desgrasado time of maturation and/or of the anchoita.

The capacity of storage of the camera goes up to around the 500 to 1,000 barrels depending on the horizontal advantage of space. The implemented system of quality is the HACCP, from year 1996, being the qualified plant to export European Community and the USA. Counting its products with Kosher certification.

Anchovy fillets in vegetable oil
Anchovy fillets pack in plastic vacuun bags
Salted anchovies pack in tins
Salted anchovy pack in plastic druns
Boquerones (Marinated anchovies) in vegetable oil



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