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Macca Food is an intergrated processor and exporter of top quality frozen seafood, Frozen Halal Meat, Spices and Pulses with steadfast services and competitive prices for importers, distributors and wholesalers across the globe. We process and export our products for our worldwide customers. Our commitment to unequalled service along with premium products has ensured ongoing business with our customers.

Macca Food guarantees the quality and consistency you demand. Our quality controllers are equipped with latest tools to ensure the quality of the product being processed is up to the highest standards, the use of non-contact thermometer through out the processing line to ensure the required temperature is in place is just an example for our product safety measures
With more than a decade experience and  never ending struggle to put quality at the top of our list due to which we are able to process our products that are maintained with high standards and comply with HACCP and GMP requirements, as well as they are certified by major food accreditation bodies.

We continue to set the industry standard for quality, consistency and availability. Most of all, we are determined to be known as the leading Company that exports High Quality Frozen Seafood Products from Myanmar

Our Objective
Since our very beginning, our objective has been to provide our valued customers with the highest quality.

In order to maintain our uncompromising commitment to service, we’re constantly evaluating the way we do business and looking for new and innovative ways to further improve our operational efficiencies and product offerings. We believe in listening carefully to what our customers are asking for. Ultimately, we know that every improvement we make to our business will be a direct benefit to theirs.

Our Products
Macca Food exports seafood, meat (halal), spices and pulses on demand to meet your requirements. All our products are IQF to lock its freshness to a rigorous standard, and shipped under stringent conditions to maintain the highest quality. Also we have facilities of value addition, i.e Vacuum packing, Breading, (fillets) etc.

Frozen Seafood
One of our speciality is the popular fresh water fish in South East Asia is Rohu.Its scientific name is labeo rohita and it is a fish of the carp family Cyprinidae. It is majorly eaten in Middle East and other countries.  Rohu is a speciality of barbecue with a flavorful and spicy sauce by Iraqi, popular food in Iraq. The prices of Rahu are very reasonable as well. Rohu can be seen on every table as main dish for consumers who favour fish every day.

Our processing is done following strict standard HACCP and EU regulations. Our available specification are not only Whole Round,Back Gutted,Belly Gutted,Ready For Cook(RFC) and Slice but also our customer’s requirement under a strict control by our quality inspection department as per the HACCP and/or EU regulations.

Rohu (Labeo Rohita)
Back Gutted: 700 gms to 5 kg up/pc
Steaks-Block Frozen

TILAPIA (Oreochromis Niloticus / Mossambica)
Whole Round: 50/350 gms to 900 gms up/pc
Whole Gutted: 250/350 gms to 900 gms up/pc
Fillets: 3/5 oz to 7/9 oz/pc

MRIGAL (Cirrihirus Mrigala)
Whole Gutted: 2 kg to 3 kg up/pc

BOAL(Wallago Attu)
Whole Gutted: 2 kg to 5 kg up/pc
Steaks-Block Frozen

CHITAL (Notopterus Chitala)
Whole Gutted: 300/500 gms to 1 kg up/pc

Lightly seasoned Pungush in a crunchy bread coating – Available in assorted sizes as per customer requirements

Basa, Pacific Dorey, River Cobbler, Pangasius (Pangasius Bocourti, Pangasius Micronemus, Pangasius Hypopnthalnus, Pangasius Pangasius)
Whole Gutted: 2 – 3 kg/pc
Whole Cleaned: 1.5-2.5 kg/pc
Fillets (Skinless, Belly Flap on/off): 3-10   oz/pc
Breaded Fillets

Seasoned Fillets
Rolls: 40-60 gms/pc

HILSA (Hilsa Ilisha)
Whole Round: 300 gms to 2 kg up/pc

AYER (Mystus Aor)
Whole Gutted: 2 kg to 5 kg up/pc
Steaks-Block Frozen

CATLA (Catla Catla)
Whole Gutted: 3 kg to 5 kg up/pc
Steaks-Block Frozen

SHRIMP (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii)
Raw Headon Shellon with Claw: 1/2 to 16/20 pcs/lb
Raw Headon Shellon without Claw: 1/2 to 16/20 pcs/lb
Raw Headless Shellon: u/5 to 41/50 pcs/lb
Cooked and Peeled: u/5 to 41/50 pcs/lb
Raw PUD Tail-off: 13/15 to 51/60 pcs/lb



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