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Luis Escuris Batalla S.L.
Address: Poligono Industrial De La Tomada, Avenida da Curota, Parcela 37, 15940 A Pobra Do Caramiñal, La Coruña, Spain
Phone: +34 981 84 32 50
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About us
I am pleased to greet all the customers and friends who visit us.

Luis Escuris Batalla S.L. is a company dedicated to manufacture fine canned fish and seafood. It is located in Galicia, in a beautiful fishing village with traditional canning activity, called A Pobra do Caramiñal.

In 1996, at the age of 65 and after a life dedicated to the canning sector, I decided to start a new project following the activity I had learned from my father in the 40s of last century. Most of all I am honored that my children have become an active part of it.
After two decades, our products maintain a leading position in the best nationally and internationally shops.
We encourage you to know us, visit us and taste our artisan preserves, since they contain the best fish and seafood with the most appropriated preparations, as well as the knowledge of three generations of Canners.

Welcome to Luis Escuris Batalla

Since its beginning, Luis Escurís Batalla has always pursued the highest quality and food safety of their products with the objective to meet the highest demands of its customers, while protecting fisheries sustainability and being environmentally friendly. This philosophy and efficient working practices has led the company to the highest level becoming a global quality benchmark. All this is guaranteed by:

– The quality label of “Galicia Calidade” that audits and certifies our processes and products.
– The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) “Mexillón de Galicia”, which certifies the mussels’ chain of custody used in our products, ensuring that this seafood comes solely from certified cultivation cages in the Galician Rias.
– The product registration in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, allow us to meet all food safety requirements of this administration, both on our facilities and in the processes and products. This is an almost exclusive reference for exporting to most countries in the world.

When the product gets into our factory the appropriated test are performed in the company’s laboratory placed in our own facilities. If the tests are correct the product is dispatched to the processing room where the treatment process starts. Once the product is sterilized it is sent to the cartoning section – with full product traceability. In this step three samples of each item are removed and analyzed later in the laboratory. One can is put into an oven, where it is exposed to extreme temperatures between 48 and 72 hours. In this way we check if sterilization is correct. This process is called incubation period and the common temperature of this treatment is 45 degrees Celsius. After this last test one can is opened and two other cans are left in stock until the expiration date, in order to check possible issues in any batch.

On the cover of each can there is a label reflecting the manufacturer’s code and the batch number. After cartoning the batch number and best before date of the product are marked on the outside of the package. Each outer packaging has a DUM 14 code reflecting all sales units contained in each box.

Mussels, clams, cockles, sardines, needlefish and horse mackerel, in diverse sauces and formats are certified by the quality label of “Galicia Calidade”.

All our products are GLUTEN FREE



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