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Head Office Address: Lonimar Australia Pty Ltd, 6 Fink Street, Kensington, 3031, VIC Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9376 5000
Facsimile: +61 3 9372 1198
Email: Websales@lonimar.com.au
Website: http://www.lonimar.com

About Us

The Home Of Asian Gourmet Foods
Lonimar Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1985 as a marketer and producer of Asian Gourmet Seafood’s.

The name ‘Lonimar’ came from a combination of parts of the words ‘Abalone’ and the Italian word for ‘sea’ which is ‘Mare’. The brand was chosen to reflect the high status of seafood while the Company Logo is a modernistic representation of the shell of the Abalone.

The company started with the production of canned abalone. The first shipments were made in 1987 to Hong Kong and Japan. Since that time Lonimar’s ‘Sea Prince’ canned abalone has been exported throughout the world, including North America and Europe.

In 1995, in response to consumer demands realised through market research, Lonimar created the world’s first commercial Abalone Sauce under its brand Abalone sauce has now become a mainstream sauce category throughout Asia demonstrating Lonimar’s understanding of consumer needs.

Innovation to meet customers changing expectations is the underlying philosophy of a series of product developments by Lonimar that have flowed through the entire Abalone Industry.

The product range has progressively increased to now include retorted (cooked and commercially sterile) abalone products in Cans, Glass and Plastic Bags that are shelf stable at ambient temperatures well as frozen, chilled and live products.
Further product diversification has occurred in the Sauces, Soups, Sea Cucumber and Shark’s Fin from an Australian Government managed fishery (sustainable).

In 2007 the business was restructured with substantial investment from Seafood Delicacies Ltd., which included shareholding by Australia’s largest agribusiness firm, Elders Ltd. This investment included the acquisition of Abalone quota in Tasmania and Victoria to strengthen the company’s commitment to consistency of quality, supply and price stability.

Under this restructure, significant investment is underway to further innovate, improve efficiencies along the supply chain and to secure diversified resource.

Lonimar is prominent and unique in its activity to promote Australian Abalone.
In 2009 at the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Exhibition, a major wine and abalone matching competition was sponsored which attracted more than 250 entrants from around the world. An important part of the event was the first ever Abalone & Wine Matching Master Class.

Other sponsorship activities include Dance Sports. Events supported by Lonimar include The World Ten Dance Championships in 2004 and the World Latin Championships in 2008 as well as the annual Australian Dance Sport Championships.

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Why It Pays To Use Sea Prince Canned Abalone
Traditionally the poor quality and variability in canned Abalone from around the world forced Chefs to ‘standardise’ the base ingredient by further cooking in the can for 4-6 hours in order to-
• Disguise chemicals and their bad smells.
• Produce a soft and consistent texture

The result was
• A flavourless piece of meat that relied on the Chef’s skill to recreate into a delicious dish.
• A weight loss of up to 30% causing an increase in the plate cost per serve.
• The loss of many of the valuable nutrients and health qualities of Abalone.

Lonimar is leading the World in advances in technology to meet the growing needs of restaurants by eliminating these negatives and providing the key elements of Competitiveness, Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Lonimar’s CANNED and BAGGED BLACK LIP ABALONE is ready to slice and serve. MAKING IT UP TO 30% CHEAPER !!!

Soft ready to eat texture requiring no further cooking.
No chemical tastes, eliminating the need for further cooking to disguise chemicals.
Already natural and delicious real taste of Black Lip Abalone.

Taste: Natural no chemical taste & smell
Texture: Consistent and Soft
Ease of Preparation: Slice and Serve



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