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Labrador Fishermen’s Union Shrimp Co Ltd
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 130, Lanse au Loup, NL, A0K 3L0, Canada
Phone: +1 709-927-5816
Fax: +1 709-927-5555

About Us
Operating as one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most successful fish processors, the Labrador Fishermen’s Union Shrimp Company Limited is based in Labrador, where it operates five processing plants and employs hundreds of fish harvesters and plant workers. The Company is locally owned by fishers of L’anse au Clair to Cartwright region and is focused on sustainable development with emphasis on job creation and premium, quality production.

The Company is locally known Labrador Shrimp Company. It has operated for thirty five years and has concentrated long-term business practises on the development of national and international partners. These business relationships have helped build a world-wide marketing network, world-class quality products and Company prosperity.
Labrador Shrimp Company has been founded on the principles of cooperative operation. This model of ownership has led to the development of personal and business relationships between local fishermen, suppliers and customers. Local ownership has helped build knowledge and skills for a holistic approach to the harvesting and production of quality fish products.

Processing Facilities
The community operations of the Labrador Shrimp Company are considered the lifeline of the coastal communities of Labrador. Company operations have expanded over the past thirty years, with millions of dollars in new infrastructure. Current operations include a mix of processing facilities in five Labrador communities. The Company services more than five hundred fish harvesters and employs approximately six hundred employees.

Labrador Shrimp Company prides itself on the production of some of the world’s premium fish products and continues to invest in new technologies within its processing facilities. These technologies help to maintain advanced production and strengthen the Company’s position within the fishing industry and global marketplace.

Our Fleet
Our fishers are some of Canada’s most experienced in the industry and come from generations of people who have built the local industry. We utilize a modern fleet of both inshore and offshore vessels within the 35ft – 65 ft range, equipped with 21st century technology for harvesting and processing.

Our company aims to maintain the utmost effort for sound environmental and sustainable harvesting operations. We work with our harvesters, staff and partners for adoption of our sustainable harvesting goals and ensure our fleet is equipped to meet these goals.

Northern Eagle: Our offshore vessel, the Northern Eagle fishes the Labrador coastline up to Baffin Island, Nunavut for cold water shrimp.

Nain Banker & Bell Isle Banker: Our mid-shore vessels, the Nain Banker and the Bell Isle Banker primarily sail and fish in the Northern Labrador – Nunavut region for turbot.

Inshore Fleet: Our inshore vessels (less than 65ft boats) harvest along the Coast of Labrador up to Northern Labrador for a variety of species.

Our Products
Labrador Shrimp Company Limited is a leader in the production of many species of North Atlantic seafood. The Company’s processing includes land-based operations and off-shore trawler production. We are one of the largest producers of North Atlantic Pandalus Borealis Shrimp in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and also distribute other shellfish species, including snow crab, whelk and scallops. In addition, we process cod, halibut and turbot in the ground fish species and capelin and herring in the pelagics.

We utilize a combination of automated and manual production methods to ensure a top quality product. We have customers worldwide and export seasonally through our brokers, in excess of annual sales of $90 million CAD. Since our start in 1979 we have built facilities, expertise and a renowned capacity to process quality seafood products.
As a company, we are always looking for opportunities to expand in the area of value added production and are open to discussing requests with potential partners.

The Labrador Fishermen’s Union Shrimp Company Limited are experienced producers of cod products. We have specifically worked with cod tails, loins, centers and nuggets and continue to work to identify niche markets. We process large volumes of turbot (Greenland Halibut) and currently sell in H&G, HOG and fillet form. Markets for this product include Taiwan, Japan, China and USA.

Quality Products
Quality is the defining feature of our processing operations. It penetrates every facet of our operation and guides our employees in their daily tasks. Our quality philosophies begin at the harvesting of the fish and follows throughout the processing of the seafood product. Our harvesters are indoctrinated with our commitment to quality and hold themselves to the highest standards. This enables the supply to our processing facilities with the freshest, highest quality seafood available anywhere. Our commitment is to provide the customer with delivery of a premium seafood product.

Shrimp & Snow Crab
We produce superior quality shrimp from both land-based and offshore operations. Gleaming, ultra-modern vessels fish the pristine waters of the North Atlantic to harvest cold water shrimp (pandalus borealis) which are cooked and packaged. Our cooked-at-sea product provides the ultimate in freshness and is available in shel-on 20 pound packages. We also offer cooked and peeled shrimp produced at our modern shrimp processing facility, in Charlottetown, Labrador. With top ratings from the world’s leading accrediting agencies, our product is in demand by buyers worldwide.

Our Snow Crab is amongst the finest shellfish products in the world. Located a mere stone’s throw front the rich fishing grounds of the Labrador Sea, our processing facilities receive the freshest crab available. This, combined with our quality control measures enables the production of the highest quality Snow Crab. This is product is served in restaurants world wide and is in increasing demand.

We produce a variety of ground fish species, including:
– Atlantic Cod
– Greenland Halibut
– Flounder
– Ocean Perch
The strict controls of our processing operations guarantee a top quality product for customers.

The Labrador Sea offers some of the most pristine fishing grounds in the world. From these cold, clean waters, we harvest several species of pelagic, including:
– Capelin
– Herring
– Mackerel



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