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L & C Fisheries Inc
Address: 96 Jollimore Road French River, Kensington RR #2 C0B 1M0, Canada
Phone: +1 902-886-2770
Fax: +1 902-866-3003
Email: calvin@greengablesmussels.com
Website: http://www.greengablesmussels.com

Green Gables Mussels Inc. started operations as L & C Fisheries in the spring of 1978. The family-owned business is located in French River, PEI, Canada. At that time, the focus of the business was on buying and selling lobsters and groundfish. L & C Fisheries continued in this capacity for 13 years, with only the three owners being employed by the company. Seasonal employees were added in peak production season.

With the decline of the groundfish stocks and the resulting government moratorium forcing a downsizing of the production for the Company, L & C Fisheries ventured into a new experimental form of fishing known as long-line mussel cultivation which emerged on Prince Edward Island in the early 1980s. Realizing that this new industry held great potential, L & C Fisheries purchased the necessary equipment to begin processing this promising species of shellfish. In 1992, L & C Fisheries began processing and exporting cultured mussels and as cultivated mussels grew in popularity, so did the company. L & C Fisheries grew from three workers to a modest eleven in just six years. During hte same period sales of Cultured Mussels grew from a quarter of a million pounds in 1992, to just over 1 million in 2000. Currently, the mussel industry on Prince Edward Island produces almost 40 million pounds annually.

All of this growth has not changed the company’s commitment to excellence. Customer service and satisfaction are two elements of the principles upon which L & C Fisheries was built. In 1997, the company began processing Cultured Mussels under the brand name, Green Gables Mussels, and has continued to grow since then. Green Gables Mussels is currently developing a Gourmet Seafood Chowder which includes, Green Gable Mussels, Scallops, Lobster, Haddock, and clams in the list of fresh ingredients. The production of Green Gables Seafood Chowder is expected to begin in the near future. Recently, Green Gables Mussels were made available in a frozen package for distribution to Canadian and American customers as well as those as far away as Saudi Arabia.

Calvin Jollimore, one of the owners of Green Gables Mussels, says, “With one eye on the future and the other on the good business principles and practices that this company was based on, we look forward to providing the freshest and best quality product available in the marketplace today.”

1.0. L&C Fisheries, along with our aquaculture partners, both in Mussels and Oysters, are committed to the principals of sustainability.
1.1. Water Quality – Protecting our waters from pollutants
1.2. Shellfish Quality – Assessments of shellfish health (quality)
1.3. Waste Controls – Reduction of waste materials

2. Water quality is an extremely important element. We take every measure to protect this valuable resource, ensuring our own practices are sustainable. We also participate in forums with Government agencies to protect our waters from influences outside of Aquaculture. Our provincial Government has implemented land use buffer zones along rivers and streams, while municipalities are upgrading waste water facilities to ensure cleaner water.

3. We have long realized the importance of monitoring the products we produce to ensure reasonable growth within an annual cycle. Good growth is a strong indicator that the food levels within the estuary are sufficient to sustain the activities.

4. We are continuously looking to reduce wastes. Inorganic wastes are a high cost and we look for new materials to reduce this impact. The organic wastes are utilized by local farmers who use this natural product to improve their land.

5. We will continue to monitor our practices, compare ourselves to others, both onside and outside our industry; and strive to be leaders to ensure the future.




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