K&U Enterprise Co., Ltd.



K&U Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Address: 1289 Wichianchodok Road, Muang Samutsakorn
Established: 6th May 2005
Initial registered capital: Bt 120 million
Factory capital: Bt 400 million
Production area: 11,400 square-metre
Employees: 1,600 persons.
Production: 50 million piece/month or 350 tons/month (4,200 tons/year)

Export Market:
– 70% of the export sales through the Japanese market
– 20% of the export sales will be made in the US, Canada and European Union market.

The sales in Thailand, will be placed through channels of Pran Talay Marketing Co., Ltd. who has 150 modern trade and supermarket.

The company plans to mainly penetrate into the Japanese market, and expects to make export sales through distribution 35% growth during the first 3 years of the operations in the US market, Canada, European Union and Thailand.

A joint venture between The Union Frozen Products Co., Ltd. and Kyokuyo Co., Ltd had a strong establishment business in both companies. The joint venture has produced Japanese dishes to meet the demands of the global consumer which is growing in every part of the world.

Both companies have a good relationship for 24 years. So, they had a visual to corporate this kind of business. The Union Frozen Products Co., Ltd. is an expert in frozen seafood business. This company is in Thailand and will be the source to improved technology by Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. Because the Kyokuyo Co., Ltd is one of the well know business in Japan which provides seafood. In all of the reason we believe that the product will have the most effective and efficient for the standard of Japanese dishes.

We have raised the standards of all system and working process to comply internatinalize standards on all system as the following.

Good Manufacturing Practice according by Fisheries Department (2006)

Food safety production system for consumers by Fisheries Department (2006)

ISO 9001:2000
Quality Management System Standard by Tuvnord (2007)

ISO 14001:2007
Environmental Management System by Tuvnord (2007)

4 January 2005 Global Standard Food by Tuvnord (2007)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System by Tuvnord (2007)

Version 4 January 2004 International Food Standard (France, Germany) by Tuvnord (2007)



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