Hanoi Seaproducts Import – Export Joint Stock Corporation



Ha Noi SeaProducts Import – Export Join Stock Corporation
Transactional name: SEAPRODEX HANOI
Head Office: 20 Lang Ha street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 3834 5678 / 3834 3146
Fax: +84 4 3835 4125
Email: seahn@seaprodexhanoi.com.vn

EUCode: DL 55
Address: Xuan Vinh commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province
Tel: ++84.0350.388 6005
Fax: ++84.0350.388 6011
Email: dl55@seaprodexhanoi.com.vn

Hanoi Seaproduct Import & Export Joint Stock Corporation was transformed from the former state-owned enterprise Hanoi Seaproducts Import Export Corporation into a joint stock corporation on January 1st 2007 under business license number 0100102848 first issued on December 22nd 2006.

SEAPRODEX HANOI is a member of Vietnam National Seaproducts Corporation – One Member Limited Liability Company (SEAPRODEX VIETNAM). Established on July 1980, after more than 30 years of operation and development, SEAPRODEX HANOI has successfully demonstrated its credibility, role and position in the field of producing, processing and trading sea-products in Northern Vietnam. We are proud to be an equal and reliable business partner of both domestic and international customers in various countries, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States, the European Union, and the ASEAN. The corporation always aspires to develop a sustainable business with a continuous perfection of indicators in quality control, food safety and completed traceability of product’s origins.

On the other hand, parallel to developing traditional sea-products, SEAPRODEX HANOI also draws from its strength in human as well as financial capitals to develop and trade general products, while providing services to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
“Prestige – Quality – Cooperation to Grow” is our motto in every operational aspect.

Fields of Business Activities:
– Exploiting, catching, culturing, purchasing, processing and trading items namely seafood, agricultural and forest products, general food, other garment and consumer goods;
– Producing and trading in various kinds: construction materials, metal and chemical, fishing net and equipment, machines, accessories, means of transports, packing and wrapping;
– Trading in cold storage, forwarding, handling, and transporting by road, seaway and airway;
– Trading in various services: apartments, infrastructure, office buildings, premises, storage and ground, restaurants, hotels, super markets, tourism, hospitals and other real estate;
– Training and supplying labor resources.
– Producing, processing, preserving and trading various kinds of animal products; Producing and trading feeds used in fishery industry and other domestic animal;
– Trading nitrogenous fertilizer and fertilizer, agricultural and forest products, materials and equipment served in agriculture, forest and fishery industries;
– Trading services on advertising, marketing information, local and international travels, tourists;
– Trading handicraft items, home decoration and light industrial goods.

Exported products

Shrimp Products
– Tôm Sú PTO luộc, IQF
– Tôm sú vỏ
– Tôm rảo

Cuttle Products
– Mực ống Sugata
– Bạch tuộc xếp hoa
– Mực ống nguyên con

Fish Products
– Cá Thu phấn nguyên con
– Cá Đổng nguyên con
– Cá Lượng nguyên con

Others Products
– Ngao



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