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Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co. Ltd
Address: South of Yutang Road, Laocheng Developping Zone, Chengmai, Hainan, 571924 China
Tel: +86 898 6748 9883
Mobile Phone: +86 138 7600 9452
Fax: +86 898 6748 9896
Skype: yuhong-betty
Email: amyxiangtai@yahoo.com.cn, no1food@yahoo.com
Website: www.hnxiangtai.com

总机:  (0898)67489833
国际贸易专线:  (0898)67489883      E-mail:sales@hnxiangtai.com
国内贸易专线:  (0898)67489811      E-mail:csh@hnxiangtai.com
北京分公司: 010-67244943 / 13521215746
华南办事处: 020-82299793 / 13907557523
华中办事处: 13729849876, 18308926678
华北东北办事处: 18612115446, 18689885446
西南西北办事处: 18919185811, 13976249822

海南翔泰渔业股份有限公司位于南海明珠 — 海南岛—-有丰富的淡水及海洋渔业资源。旗下子公司海南远生渔业有限公司、海南翔泰鱼苗培育有限公司、海南东方翔泰养殖有限公司、海南儋州翔泰养殖有限公司。是一家集种苗培育、生态养殖、饲料、加工、物流、销售纵向一体的农业产业化国家重点龙头企业,拥有高素质管理人员及熟练工人一千多人。

Located in Hainan Island, a Pearl in South China Sea, Hainan Xiangtai Fishery was founded in 2004. Its predecessor is Hainan Huatai Fishery, which was specialize in ocean catch fish since 1996. With years of seafood industry experience, and leader of this field, we have a very good base. There is a pristine and unpolluted environment in Hainan Island, from where the high quality raw material can be guaranteed, tilapia fish coming from the ponds with sand bottom, and White Shrimp (Vannamei) coming from clean seawater of high salinity.

Based on an integrated operation with ocean catch, aquaculture, processing and sales, and certified by CIQ HACCP, EEC, ISO9001:2000(Quality Management System), and ISO14001:2004 (Environment Management System) and Kosher, we implement stringent quality control throughout our production process according to the regulation of the systems and international standards, and with our advanced instruments, the residues of the antibiotics and chemicals, and micro-organism stipulated by CIQ, USFDA and EU sanitary authorities, can be analyzed and tested in our own laboratory, so consistently supplying you high quality products can be guaranteed. Our products are welcome throughout the world.

With 11000 square meters workshop, 5000MT cold store, and total 1600 knowledgeable & experienced staff and skilled workers, our daily process capacity of tilapia is 150 tons, shrimp 50 tons and ocean catch fish 30 tons, total 230 tons each day.

Care about health, guarantee food safety.

Factory No. 4600/02036

Our Main Products
Frozen Tilapia Fillet, Vannamei CHOSO.

Frozen Product
Tilapia Fillet
Gutted and Scaled Tilapia
Whole Round Tilapia
Vannamei Shrimp

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