Ha Long Canned Food Joint Stock Corporation (HALONG CANFOCO)



Ha Long Canned Food Joint Stock Corporation (HALONG CANFOCO)
Address: No. 71 Le Lai Street, May Chai Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City
Phone: +84.31.3 836 692
Fax: +84-31-3 836 155
Email: halong@canfoco.com.vn
Website: http://www.canfoco.com.vn

Địa chỉ Lô C3-4, C3-5, KCN Thủy sản Thọ Quang, Phường Thọ Quang, Quận Sơn Trà, TP Đà Nẵng.
Điện: thoại +84-511-3 925 616
Fax: +84-511-3 925 616
Email: halongcanfoco@halongcanfoco.com
Website: http://halongcanfoco.com


Background of Company
Halong Canfoco was founded in 1957 in Hai Phong. The company was the pioneer of food processing industry in Vietnam. The company is currently listed in Hanoi Stock Exchange and employs more than 850 employees. Famous for our iconic brand ” Halong Canfoco”  in Vietnam, the company provides delicious, nutritious and convenient foods for families across the country.

Our management team comprised of  foreign manager together with senior Vietnamese managers with years of operational experience in the industry.

We offer a widest variety of food items ranging from canned fish, meat, vegetable and fruit, retort sausages to frozen products like Vietnamese spring rolls or sausages. Our products/brands have gained recognition and won several prestigious awards in Vietnam such as “Vietnam High Quality Product”, “Vietnam’s Best Food” &  “Gold Star Vietnam”.

Recently, Halong Canfoco was also recognized and awarded the Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprise in Vietnam in Year 2012 by VNR.

Our commitment to providing quality products with an unwavering emphasis on traditional essence and health and wellness, makes Halong Canfoco as one of the top food company in Vietnam.

The First Name in ” Pate”
In Vietnam, Halong Canfoco is synonymous with Pate.  For millions of families in Vietnam, ” if it isn’t Halong, it  isn’t Pate “.  Beyond Pate, Halong Canfoco also markets an ever-expanding of other great products. Our core products include Pate, Tuna in Oil, Sausages, Spring Rolls and etc.

Halong Canfoco is committed to enriching the  convenient eating experience for families.

To become the leading food brand in Asia.

Ha Long Canfoco promise to provide best nutritional foods to build healthy and happy families.


1. Consumers are center of all our activities
Always listen and understand the consumers needs in order to satisfy their  needs everywhere and anytime.

2. Contributing to the effort of building and promoting our brand
Our brand is the company’s most valuable asset where each and every employee has the duty to  protect, build and promote the branding .

3. Continuously improving the products
By being innovative in the development of new product and improvement of existing products in order to provide the consumers with high quality products and taste.

4. Distributors are our important partners
Our distributors and our suppliers are our partners and need to be treated on the basis of equal respect & win-win thinking,  in order to grow together.

5. Nurture and develop talents
To identify young talents, by promoting good staff morale through proper staff training and development and provision for career advancement.

6. Contributing to the community
By assuming its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen in a tangible manner thereby contributing towards the progress of the community.

7. Create value for the shareholders and other stakeholders
By forging ahead and consolidating its position as a stable and progressive food manufacturing company.
By generating profits and a fair return on their investment.

– Chipbon Beef Sausages (10 pcs)    Net weight: 20g x 10
– Every Day Beef Sausages (10 cây)    Net weight: 25g x 10
– Every Day Pork Sausages (10 pcs)    Net weight: 25g x 10
– Bee Bee Beef Sausages (3 pcs)    Net weight: 35g x 3
– Bee Bee Beef Sausages (5 pcs)    Net weight: 35g x 5
– Bee Bee Pork Sausages (3 pcs)    Net weight: 35g x 3
– Chipbon Pork Sausages (10 pcs    Net weight: 20g x 10
– Bee Bee Beef Sausages (5 pcs) Net weight: 35g x 5
– Seafish In Tomato Sause    Net weight: 175g
– Sliced Tuna in Vegetable Oil    Net weight: 170g
– Seafish In Tomato Sauce 155g    Net weight: 155g
– Tuna In Vegetable Oil 175g/105g    Net weight: 175g
– Tuna In Vegatable Oil    Net weight: 175g
– Tuna In Tomato Sauce    Net weight: 175g
– Steamed Pork 175g    Net weight: 175g
– Premium Pork Mince    Net weight: 170g
– Meatball In Tomato Sauce    Net weight: 175g
– Chinese-style Pork In Sauce    Net weight: 175g
– Liver Paste 170g    Net weight: 170g
– Beef In Tomato Sauce    Net weight: 175g
– Liver Paste 150g    Net weight: 150g
– 2 Beef Pies    Net weight: 150g
– 2 Pork Pies    Net weight: 150g
– Beef In Wine Sauce    Net weight: 175g
– Liver Paste    Net weight: 90g
– Special Liver Paste    Net weight: 100g
– Pork Luncheon Meat    Net weight: 170g
– Grind Beef    Net weight: 170g
– Stewed Beef    Net weight: 150g
– Steamed Pork    Net weight: 150g
– Stewed Pork Rib With Beans    Net weight: 175g
– Stewed Beef With Beans    Net weight: 175g
– “Re” Spring Roll    Net weight: 400g
– Sun-dried Mackerel    Net weight: 500g



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