Fuzhou Baiyang Seafood Co., Ltd.



Fuzhou Baiyang Seafood Co., Ltd.
Address: Paiwei Road, Taijiang Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350001 China
Tel: +86 13950427450
Mobile Phone: +86 13950427450
Email: baiyangseafood@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.baiyang.com.cn
Contact Name: Trista Wong

Baiyang Seafood, found on 1996,a comprehensive Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd, is specialized in aquiculture and intensive processing. Our main products are frozen & dried seafood, seafood gift box, Japanese cuisine series and sauce, especially abalone and sea cucumber. Please  rest assured that all of our products meet HACCP standard. They are widely distributed in USA, Japan, South Korea and European, etc. We have our own aquiculture farms, processing factories, refrigerating plants and complete marketing system. Our processing factory has the facility of automatic drying production lines, automatic fillet production lines, sterile production plants, laboratories and other advanced hardware facilities. As to the marketing system, we have two subsidiaries and more than 30 offices, handling the business with large supermarket & shopping malls, like Wal-mart, Metro, Carrefour, Tesso and Yonghui, etc. We have won high reputation at home and abroad with our quality products, excellent services and competitive prices. Contact us today  to learn more.

Canned Abalone,Abalone Gift Box,Abalone
Dried Abalone,Abalone Meat,Abalone W/O Shell
High Quality Dried Abalone,Abalone Meat,Abalone W/O Shell
Frozen Abalone,Abalone W/R,IQF Abalone
Glazing Abalone,Abalone W/R,IQF Abalone
Frozen Abalone,Abalone W/R,Glazing Abalone
Dried Abalone,Abalone Meat,Abalone W/O Shell
Canned Tuna in Oil
Canned Sardine in Oil
Dried Shrimp,Shrimp
Canned Mackerel in Tomato Sauce
Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce
Canned Smoked Oyster in Oil
Canned Yellow Croaker in Oil
Canned Hairtail Fish in Lobster Sauce
Canned Sardine in Lobster Sauce
Canned Tuna in Lobster Sauce
Dried Sea Cucumber, Instant Sea Cucumber

Value Added Product
Abalone and Scallop Sauce

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