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Flying Fish International Co., Ltd
Address: Room 518, No. 308, Xingyang Road, Qingdao, 266109, China
Tel: 0086 532 8096 5516
Fax: 0086 532 8096 5576

Our Company
Flying Fish International Co., Ltd was set up in 1995, has been devoting to supply quality seafood for the customers all over the world. We supply from HACCP approved and EEC registered factories that have covered a whole range of frozen seafood. Our aim is to supply customers with quality products at competitive prices through professional services, in which expertise in the products, on time market information, down to earth quality control and consist follow-up are the keys. Nowadays seafood market is an ever-changing market so we aim proactive. With such efforts, today our exclusive customers and we play a leading role in the international seafood business.

Our People
Flying Fish owns the best work team and the team members are dynamic and highly motivated people that are always thriving to find new ways in which to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Our Future
Flying fish will supply customers all over the world with quality products at competitive prices through professional services in future.


Sea scallops roe on
Specifications: 10/30, 30/60 pcs/kg

Half shell sea scallops
Specifications: 8-10,10-12 cm

Sea scallops roe off
Specifications: 10/30, 30/60 pcs/lb

Pen shell meat
Specifications: 60/100, 100/200 pcs/kg

Bay scallops
Specifications: 40/80, 80/300 pcs/lb

Frozen boiled scallops with frill
Specifications: 60-100, 100-200/500g

Red shrimp PUD
Specifications: 10/70, 70/200

Vannamei shrimp PDTO
Specifications: 31/70, 71/110 pcs/lb

Breaded squid rings
Breaded squid rings IQF,3-7CM 40-50% breaded 10*1kg/ctn

Blanched squid flower
Specifications: 2/4, 3/5 cm

Breaded squid tentacles
squid tentacles slice IKA GESO 1.Lengh:10-20 cm 2.Packing :5kg/case

Squid rings
Specifications: diameter 2-8cm, width 1.5-2.0cm

Squid tube
Specifications: U5, U7, U10

Squid T & T
Specifications: 3-6, 5-8, 8-12 inches

Breaded squid ring
Specifications: diameter 3-8cm, width 1cm

Squid tentacles
Specifications: 80-100g, 100-120g, 150g up

Squid wings
Specifications: 5-10inches

Loligo squid
Specifications: 5-18, 18-29 cm

Squid tube+tentacles
Squid tube+ squid rings

Seafood mix
Mussels, squid ring, octopus, squid, shrimp

Specifications: 200/300, 300/400, 400/500 g/pcs

Frozen Octopus Latin name: Octopus Vulgaris
Size: 0.5-1.1-3.3-5 kg/pc IQF,80-100% NW Cooked by fresh octopus Wild caught IVP packing

Frozen capelin
Frozen Capelin 100% famale Origin: Norway, Canada 8pcs, 10 pcs,13 pcs 120g,150g,170g,210g

Atlantic red fish fillets
Specifications: 2-4, 4-6, 6-8oz

Breaded fish fillets

Atlantic saithe fillets
Specifications: 300-700g

Frozen roasted eel
Frozen roasted eel unagi kabayaki with little bone & soft meat vacuum packed 10kg/ctn,2X5kg/bagX1ctn shelf life:24 months

Chum salmon portion
Specifications: 80-200g

Chum salmon fillets
Specifications: 200-500g/pc

Red fish fillets -skin on
Specifications: 2-6, 6-8 oz

Greenland halibut fillets
Specifications: 2-8, 8-10oz up

Greenland halibut portion
Specifications: 2-6,6-10,10 oz up

Pink salmon fillets
Specifications: 80-200g

Pacific cod portion
Specifications: 2-6,6-8 oz

Atlantic cod portion -skin on
Specifications: 4-16,16-32 oz

Frozen capelin 2
Frozen Capelin 100% famale Origin: Norway, Canada 8pcs, 10 pcs,13 pcs 120g,150g,170g,210g

Pacific cod fillets
Specifications: 4-16, 16-32 oz

Atlantic cod fillets
Specifications: 200/500, 500/1000 g

Atlantic cod loin
Specifications: 2-8,8-12 oz

Alaska pollock strips
Specifications: 2-8, 8-10,10g up/pcs

Tilapia whole round
Specifications: 250/550, 750/950 g/pcs

Tilapia fillets
Specifications: 2/7, 7/11 oz/pcs

Red tilapia
Specifications: 250/550,550/750(gms/pc)

Mackerel whole round
Specifications: 80-200, 200-500 g

Deep skinless tilapia fillets
Specifications: 2/5, 5/9, 9/11 oz/pcs

Mackerel butterfly fillets
Specifications: 50-80g, 80-200g

Mackerel fillet
Specifications: 80-100, 120-150g

Catfish fillets
Specifications: 2/7, 9/11 oz

Mackerel HGT
Specifications: 100-200, 150-200g

Monkfish fillets
Specifications: 100/200, 200/400 g

Precooked mackerel fillets
Specifications: 11cm-, 11cm+

Monkfish cube
Specifications: 2.5cm*2.5cm

Pollock block
Specifications: 4*16.5lb or 4*10kg

Monkfish tail
Specifications: 80-200, 200/300 etc.

Dried squid
Water content: control by customers’ requirement

Dried & salted pollock migas
Moisture: 48-50%, salt content: 20-22%

Dried & salted pollock fillets
Moisture: 48-50%, salt content: 20-22%

light salted atlantic cod fillets
Specifications: 300-500g, 500-1000g

Moisture: 48-50%, salt content: 20-22%

Light salted atlantic saithe fillets
Specifications: according to the customers’ requirement

Dried squid
Dried Squid 1.Size:8-10pcs/kg 2.Size after processing 3.Net Weight:100% 4.Packing:10KG/CTN

Dried peeled shrimp
Specifications: LL, L, M, S, SS

Acetes Chinensis red color
Acetes Chinensis with red color,dried shrimp

Dried smalll shrimp
Specifications: L, M, S

Dried acetes chinensis
Specifications: the fresh material is more than 3 cm



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