Ecomarina S.A.



Ecomarina S.A.
Address: A. Maizani 395 – 7th Floor- 707, Terrazas del Dique – Puerto Madero, (1107) – Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina
Phone: +54 11 5775-0160
Fax: +54 11 5775 0162

The Company
At Ecomarina S.A we specialize in the export trade of frozen at sea and ground frozen fish products.

Our supply contracts with leading national and international producers provide us with a regular availability of a wide variety of fish especies.

The sea-based freezing and processing of fish products is carried out in freezing chambers fully equipped for manufacturing, which guarantee our products’ top quality levels throughout the entire production process.

Ground production follows similar quality guidelines. Once the fish arrives in the local ports, a network of fish processing plants equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operating under permanent quality control monitors the continuity of our quality standards throughout production, until the products are delivered to their final destination.
This is achieved by permanent control, inspection and cooperation with the producers before, during and after production takes place.Therefore, all our products – sea and ground produced – fully comply with EU and US quality requirements during production and storage.

In addition to quality, our working philosophy is built upon reliability and timely delivery. By honoring these commitments we have forged close and regular commercial relationships with leading companies in the fishing sector.

• Argentine Hake (merluccius hubbsi)
• Southern Hake (merluccius australis)
• Hoki, Patagonian Grenadier (macruronus magellanicus)
• Kingclip (genypterus blacodes)
• Grenadier (macrourus carinatus)
• Southern Blue Whiting (micromesistius australis)
• Patagonian Toothfish (dissostichus eleginoides)
• Codling (salilota australis)
• Black-belly Rosefish (helicolenus dactylopterus lahillei)
• Silver Warehou (seriolella porosa)
• Nothotenia (patagonotothen ramsayi)
• Parona Leatherjack (parona signata)
• Flounder (xystreurys rasile)
• Flounder (paralichthys patagonicus)
• White Croacker (micropogonias furnieri)
• Red Porgy (pagrus pagrus)
• Grouper (acanthistius brasilianus)
• Argentine Croaker (umbrina canosai)
• Sea Trout (macrodon ancylodon)
• Argentine Anchovy (engraulis anchoita)
• Southern Atlantic Skate (rajidae (fam.))
• Patagonian Smoothound (mustelus schmitti)
• Spiny Dogfish (squalus acanthias)
• Vitamin Shark (galeorhinus galeus)
• Argentine Squid (illex argentinus)
• Argentina Red Shrimp (pleoticus muelleri)
• Stileto Shrimp (artemesia longinaris)
• Southern King Crab (lithodes antarcticus)



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