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Deli-Fish S.A. was founded on December 1989 in Thessaloniki Greece.
The company owns facilities of 8.100 square metters, which are located in Polykastro Kilkis, 60km northern of Thessaloniki Greece. Its main objective is the production, processing and trading of high quality delicatessen seafood.

Deli-Fish main products are seafood delicacies made from raw material like mackerel (scomber scombrus), herring (clupea harrengus), white meat tuna (thunnus allalunga), bonito (sarda sarda), anchovy,saithe,octopus e.t.c. Main criteria for the selection of the raw material is the quality specifications that Deli-Fish has addapted cause of its high technical knoweledge, combined with the demands of the EU and Worldwide law. Consist policy of Deli-Fish is the production of delicatessen high quality seafood products, in order to satisfy the needs of its demanding clients.

Main advantage of our company  for accomplishing our goals is the consistancy in quality and the constant education of our people. At present, Deli-Fish occupies about 20 people in the production line, highly educated and specialized at their work and to the most recent production technologies.

Deli-Fish is a constant growing productive company, which products are addressed both to retail stores (super-markets, groceries, delicatessen stores) and to catering companies through our specialized co-operators,wholesalers and food distribution companies.

Continuous objective of our company is the work conditions improvement, the product quality assurance and customers maximum satisfaction.

Nutritional Value
Salted and smoked fishes are a very important dietary habbit of the consumers cause of their high nutritional and biological value. More specifically, fishes cause of their high content in natural Ωmega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iodine, phosphorus and vitamins, are classified as one of the most valued food for human and ranked in the highest places in the pyramid of Mediteranean diet.

Range of products
Today Deli-Fish S.A. is specialized in the production of seafood, which according to the production procedure are classified as following:

Since 2007, Deli-Fish S.A., has been certified with ΕΝ ISO 22000:2005 for the production, processing and trading of seafood produccts, following ………and strictly the European and International standards of hygiene and quality for food during the whole production procedures from the receipt of the raw materials till the final distribution of its products to the final consumers.

Control of raw materials and final products
Basic criteria for the choice of the raw materials that our company uses, for the production of our final products, is the quality specifications that have been adapted according to our specialized knowledge in combination with the European and International Standards.

The transportation of the raw materials to Deli-Fish facilities, is made in control temperature with refridgerator trucks. Each receipt of raw material, is completed after detailed visual, organoleptic, chemical and microbiological controls in order to secure the quality of our final products.

In addition all raw materials are accompanied  with the necessary certifications from the public and not only ministries.



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