Chymar S.A.



Chymar S.A.
Address: Calle de Cánovas del Castillo, 6, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
Phone: +34 986 22 70 23

E-mails from different departments
Chief Financial Officer – Miguel Angel Touza Touza, Email:
Commercial Director- Alfedro Touza Touza, Email:
CFO of Golden Touza – Jesus Touza Touza, Email:
Purchasing Department – Pedro Touza Touza, Email:
Legal and Public Relations Department – Javier Touza Touza, Email:
Director of Human Resources – Juan Touza Touza, Email:
Inspector of Ships – Ernesto Lopez Moure, Email:

About Us
Chymar SA was founded in 1976 by Antonio Touza White. It is a shipping company engaged in fishing operations. Our fleet consists of three vessels in the South Atlantic, in the area of ​​the Islas Marlvinas. Moreover we are also dedicated to selling used machinery. Fresh Golden Touza and Falkland are other group companies to whom you service Chymar SA.

Main activities of the company
– Fishing Vessel Owner
– Selling wholesale fish

Secondary activities of the company
– Sale of second-hand machinery

Chymar sa owns freezer trawler “Brothers Touza”.

Turn has a partnership in which it holds a majority of its shareholders, which operates two vessels Malvinas flag called “Golden Chicha” and “Golden Touza” and feature the latest technology.

All these ships meet stringent sanitary regulations of the European Union and operate exclusively in waters Malvinas licensed long term, with the main objective Loligo squid for export to the European Union.

The freezer trawler with Spanish flag, BC Touza Brothers operates under a chartering all risk in squid fisheries and fish with fins.
– Brothers Touza
– Golden Touza
– Golden Chicha

Our fleet of three vessels “Touza Brothers”, “Golden Chicha” and “Golden Touza” fishing in the Falkland Islands. They are located South Atlantic, the Falkland Islands are located between latitude 51 and 53 South and longitude 57 and 62 West, at the same latitude south as London north. Located 500 km. of the continent, with a coastline of 1,288 km. They comprise two main islands: Soledad (East Falkland) and Gran Malvina (West Falkland) and hundreds of smaller islands (about 200) with a total area of ​​approximately 4,700 square miles (12,173 square km.)



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