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Cape Bald Packers Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 9739, Suite 1200, Portland, ME, 04104
Tel: 1-800-DOWNEAST
Fax: (207) 878-9104

Our founder, Joseph P. Landry, in 1948, established Cape Bald Packers. The original lobster plant employed 30 people. Fast-forwarding to the year 2000, Cape Bald Packers currently utilizes 5 Atlantic coast facilities, employing over 1000 people. The plants process lobsters, mussels and three species of crab. The growth, success and diversity of Cape Bald Packers has evolved in stages. Joseph Landry’s original philosophy of business has maintained throughout. “If you make a top quality product, charge a fair price and above all maintain integrity, business will come.”

In the early 1990’s, Joe felt it was time for a change in the business philosophy. He wanted to separate his company from the mainstream practices of the maritime lobster and crab industries. Cape Bald Packers plants were renovated. Production methods were altered to reflect the evolving changes in customer sensibilities toward product quality. A new top shelf brand, Downeast, was created. New and direct distribution channels were sought after and accomplished. Species diversification became a goal. It was quickly achieved. As Joe Landry’s visions became realities, his company prospered. The resulting growth and stability has placed Cape Bald Packers in a position of industry significance and leadership. Appropriately, and justifiability, the “Downeast label” has been synonymous with the finest quality lobster and crab products in the world.

Lobster Products

Downeast Specialty Lobster Meats.
Our Downeast brand is a no. 1 quality product. It is made from hard shell lobsters only, resulting in the finest flavor and firmest textured meat available. No preservative, additives or moisture of any kind is added to these dry packed meats. Products are packed to custom fit our customers needs.

Downeast Lobster Tails.
The World’s only no. 1 grade of homarus americanus. Only hard shell, unsoaked, visually perfect tails fit this specification. Due to our stringent standards, Downeast tails are free of soft undesirable flesh content. Our tails are meticulously graded for accurate sizing.

Maritime Brand Lobster Meats and Tails
Our Maritime Label represents the finest industry standard product in Canada or the United States. A product that combines both quality workmanship with price competitiveness.

Crab Products

Downeast Rock Crab
Downeast Rock Crab reflects the same superior quality as the Downeast Lobster meat. Its flavor and texture is far superior to any Rock Crab products in North America. Custom packs using varying amounts of hand picked Crab Legs and Body meat are available upon request.

Red Crab
We offer the highest quality of:
– Red Crab Combo 30/70. Packed 3 X (4 X 2 lb).
– Red Crab Salad. Packed 3 X (4 X 2 lb).
– Red Crab Claws and Arms. Packed 2 X 10 lb.



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