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Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Company
Address: 6A Portland Fish Pier, Portland, Maine 04101
Tel: 877-500-CIML (2465)
Tel: 207-541-9140
Fax: 207-541-9015
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Gourmet Maine Lobster
Seacoast of MaineCalendar Islands Maine Lobster Company is dedicated to providing our customers with the most delectable, gourmet Maine lobster fare from our island world of tide, salt, and sea. Owned by 38 hard-working Maine lobstermen and experienced gourmets, our company has created an exciting marriage of culinary distinction to the Maine lobster fishery’s more than 100-year history of tradition, quality, and sustainability. Calendar Islands is intimately involved in every step of the production process, ensuring the finest gourmet lobster “catch to table”. From hauling the traps and hand-selecting the highest quality lobsters, to developing traditional and contemporary recipes, our company is committed to creating only the very best for our customers.

With this commitment to quality, Calendar Islands Maine Lobster offers a range of value added products for retail and foodservice. Our goal is to make Maine Lobster readily available year-round in new deliciously innovative presentations. No longer just a seasonal product, our value added Maine Lobster provides our clients an exciting variety of fresh and frozen concepts to energize and motivate their customer base.

Our Product:

Maine Lobster
The Maine lobster (Homarus Americanus) is considered the most delicious crustacean in the world. And make no mistake, Homarus Americanus is the real deal; rock lobster, slipper lobster, spiny lobster, whatever lobster… are merely wannabes, riding on the fame of the authentic Maine lobster, Homarus Americanus.
While most inlanders appreciate the lobster only on the dinner plate, the Maine lobster’s life at sea tells a fascinating story.

Lobster Fishing
As the top lobster-producing state in the United States, Maine’s recent record breaking harvests indicate the conscientious lobster fishing traditions of over 100 years have successfully maintained the populations of this delicious crustacean. Once so plentiful they could be fished from shore with bare hands or a spear, by the 1800s the numbers had diminished and lobster fishing had to be done by boat in deeper waters.

The Lobster Boat
Much has changed in lobster fishing since the first Europeans arrived in New England. Lobsters were incredibly abundant then; they were caught along the shoreline using nothing but hands, spears, or small nets. As the numbers dwindled and the demand for lobster meat increased, lobster fishing became an industry, relying on traps carried out to sea by lobster boats.

The Lobster Trap
Indispensable to the lobster fishing industry, the lobster trap is a unique creation, designed specifically to both catch lobsters and to ensure the continuation of this historic coastal industry.



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