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Address: Bulgaria, Varna 9000, Tihomir Str. 28, entr. А, apt. 14
Tel/fax: +359 52 507219
Mobile: +359 887 253329
Contact Person: Nayden Stanev, Managing Director

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Black Sea Shells Ltd.

Black Sea Shells Ltd. is based in Kavarna, Bulgaria, where the company produces and harvests mussels, utilizing the most cutting edge technologies proven as the most effective and of highest quality grade on a worldwide scale. All of the technology used in the production processes is in conformance with all standards, requirements and directives in the European Union. Kavarna where the company is situated is one the main mussel farming regions across the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal line.

Signing the latest contract with the IARA Program Director, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food.

The first phase of the mussel farm is executed as part of the SAPARD program. The investment for the first phase amounts to over 1 million Euros. The second phase of the musself farm is executed as part of the post-accession EU programs (National Programme for Fisheries and Aquaculture /2007-2013/).

Equipment and Technologies
Black Sea Shells Ltd. has at its disposal the know-how required to implement the necessary technology for growing and harvesting the Black Sea mussel, acquired and tested with the help of science organizations of private enterprises. The choice of equipment suitable for use in the Black Sea was made following extensive studies and surveys of the region where the company’s production capacities are situated. Each piece of equipment used in the production process is the highest grade and with proven effectiveness on a worldwide scale. In the Black Sea, it continues to prove its robustness and quality characteristics, and is in full conformance with EU srandards and directives pertinent to product quality and purity.

With the help of worldwide leading mussel producers – Noel McGreal, Danny McNulty, Mulroy Bay Mussels Ltd. Managing Director Hugh Wilhare, and most notably with the exceptional assistance of John Concannon of JFC Manufacturing – Black Sea Shells Ltd. has developed production capacities, bio-techniques and bio-technologies for cultivating black mussels (Mutilus Galloprovincialis Lam.) along the Black Sea coast, and especially in the Kavarna region. The preliminary endurance tests were carried out in the Kavarna region and the open seas around Ireland. The experimental lines withstood a force nine on the Beaufort scale and winds gusting at 130 km/h and still managed to preserve the mussel crop, thus ensuring the crop is safe even in roughest of conditions. The buoys used on the experimental lines are developed and manufactured by JFC. You can have a look at the advantages of the new technology by clicking on the thumbnail on the left.

Among Black Sea Shells’ business partners are John Concannon, Hugh Wilhare, Danny McNulty and Noel McGreal, who have rich experience in black mussel cultivation and supply large quantities on the European markets.

The secret behind Black Sea Shells’ success lies the quiality of the equipment used in the production process.

Products – The Black Mussel
Mussels are bivalves having a couple of uniform shells interconnected on one side by an elastic inhabiting lakes, rivers and coastline areas worldwide. They have two identically shaped external shells joined on one side by elastic tissue. Like most bivalves, mussels are filter feeders.

They suck in water through their incurrent siphon, filtering small particles like phytoplancton, zooplancton and other organic matter.

Mussels are capable of obtaining all the nutrition they need by themselves from their surrounding environment, so they need not be additionally fed.

Black mussel meat is very tender and nutritious. It contains around 8-10% easily digestiable proteins, 1-1,5% fats, 1,5-3,5% carbohydrates (mainly glycogen), mineral substances (K, P, L, P and others), vitamins – A, B1, B2 and others. Mussels are often used in exquisite dishes. Adding mussels to a dish gives it a twist that will make it melt in your mouth. A small amount ot black mussels, fried with 1-2 cloves of garlic, put atop a salad make an elegant dish for any high class restaurant.



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