Seven Oceans Seafood AS Ltd.



Seven Oceans Seafood AS Ltd.

Head Office details :
Seven Oceans Seafood Denmark (Ltd.)
Address: Hammershusvej 4B, 7400 Herning, Denmark
VAT #: DK32831567
Tlf: +45 9626 8707
Fax: +45 9626 8708

TORBEN WELLE: Managing Director, Sales / Purchase
Mobil: +45 6035 0056

EGON HOLM: Manager, Account & Logistic
Mobil: +45 4052 7090

Welcome to our web-site!
Seven Oceans Seafood Denmark Ltd. pack, import and export frozen and salted seafood in bulk. From container and truckloads – to shiploads. We import to our main markets, from South America, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe – a wide range of seafood as well as we provide raw material to the processing industry globally.

We are strong in the Eastern European markets in terms of supplying frozen fish products under the special conditions that these markets requires. Our organization is linked with a number of fishing vessel operators, enabling us to secure raw material of high quality in large quantities on a year round basis. Look through our product sheets. If you do not find the particular product you may have interest in, it is likely we can offer it to you anyway. Actually we do offer products from seven oceans !

Please contact us with your inquiries:

our reputable partners and colleagues are assisting our head office in Denmark with local back up to our Russian clients when needed. Further they are specialized in inspection and shipping of the raw material we purchase in Russia.

We are situated at :
Address: RF 117303 Moscow, Bolshaya Yushunskaya Street 1, Korpus 2, Office 317
Phone/fax: +7 (499) 617-4659
Mobiltlf: +7 (9) 26-916-6905

We are situated at :
Address: Zoi Gaidai str 9/8, office 161, 04212 Kiev
Phone/fax: +380 444-148-945
Mobiltlf: +380 995-216-288

IN POLAND, Stettin
our local colleagues are assisting us in purchase of raw material from Baltic Sea ( mainly codfillets, codroe, sprats ), as well as assisting and serving our clients in the Polish market.
Phone/fax: +48 (91) 434-56-82
Mobiltlf: +48 501-798-488

IN SPAIN, Valencia
our local colleagues are assisting us in purchase of raw material from Spanish vessels and plants, as well as they are directly serving our clients in the Spanish market. Our local colleagues speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English, Turkish and Scandinavian languages.

We are situated at :
Address: C/Vincente Tormo Alfonso n 2 Esc.D Pta.3, 46015 Valencia, España
Mobiltlf: +34 619-116-551

IN BRAZIL, Sao Paolo
our local colleagues follow up on contracts and sales to our Brazil and South American clients. Mainly pelagic for further processing, line of white fish fillets, bacalao ( salted dried cod ), and other products imported to the Brazilian market.

We are situated at :
Seven Oceans Seafood (Brasil)
Address: R. Pantojo, 276 – 5º and., 03343 – 000 Vila Regente Feijo, São Paulo – SP
Phone/fax: +55 11-287-250-07
Mobiltlf: +55 11-826-140-55

IN TURKEY, Istanbul
our local colleagues follow up inspection and purchase of frozen fish like portion rainbow trout, seabass, seabream and other frozen fish from Turkey. Besides they serve our clients in the Turkish market for frozen fish like sardine, mackerel, saithe, squid, octopus, shrimps ect.

We are situated at :
Address: Sanayi Mahallesi Sultan Selim Cad. Tutum Sok. 4/2, Levent / Istanbul
Phone: +90 212-325-7147 ; +90 212-325-7160
Fax: +90 212-325-7430
Mobiltlf: +90 533-711-1098

our local colleagues follow up on purchase of raw material from RSW seine vessels and the local fish auction. As well as they are monitoring and doing inspection of the processing we do for contract orders to our clients of pelagic like w/r, hgt sardine, sardinella, mackerel.
Further, they serve clients of Seven Oceans Seafood on the Morocco – as well as other African – markets.
Phone: +212 672-694-943

our local colleagues manages inspection and purchases of frozen tuna and reef fish.

We are situated at :
Address: Malagura, Velidhoo, Noonu atoll – Rep og Maldives
Phone: +960 990-1163

Blue Shark
Greenland Halibut Heads
Alaska Pollock
Blue Whiting
Polar cod
Savorin Sea & Landfrozen
Southern Blue Whiting
Pangasius *Tilapia
Horse Mackerel
Mackerel *Herring
Roe and milts
Bright Redfish
Ruby fish
Red Gurnard
Red Mullet
red snapper
Redfish – jacopever
Sebastes Mantella/Marinus
Seacooked shell-on shrimps



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