Sea Swift Pty Ltd.



Address: 41-45 Tingira St, Cairns, Qld, 4870
Postal Address: PO Box 6755, Cairns QLD 4870
Phone: 07 4035 1234
Fax: 07 4035 1249
Passenger Cruise: 1800 424 422
Mothershipping: 07 4052 4214
ABN: 16 010 889 040

About us

It’s what we do
With our long, far-reaching experience and our wide spread of services, Sea Swift is the regional pace setter in the marine transport industry. But it’s also our attitude that sets us apart. We know solutions are more important than questions, and that the best approach is the kind of resourceful diligence which simply gets the job done.

Efficiency, reliability, and an in-built spirit of can-do helpfulness are among the most valuable attributes we can offer our customers. To help nurture relationships, we measure our performance – and the bar is set at challenging heights.

At your service
Sea Swift’s fleet of purpose-designed vessels delivers vital supplies and services to remote coastal and island communities and resource development sites. In providing these services, our guiding principles are safety and security. Nothing is more important to us than the wellbeing of people, and the integrity of the goods and equipment with which we are entrusted.

Certification HACCP System Certified

Quality and Safety standards compliance
Sea Swift strives for a sustainably safe, productive and healthy workplace, operating a fully integrated, environmentally compatible quality management system that complies with the following standards:
– AS/NZS 4810
– ISO 14001 and 9001
Sea Swift is also HACCP accredited.

Main business streams

Project logistics
Our logistics capabilities include barge/tug and landing craft operations and crewed (or bare boat) vessel chartering options

Sea Freight
Our scheduled liner and coastal freight services can accommodate all regional break bulk, bulk fuel and container freight requirements

With the capacity to resupply and refuel trawlers at sea, our mothershipping facilities contribute to the industry’s commercial sustainability

Passenger Cruise
A sea passage to the far north of Australia is a true voyage of discovery, and the ability to ship your vehicle can provide more exploration options



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