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Address: 20 Michellan Court, Bayswater. VIC. 3153
Tel: 03 9720 6622
Fax: 03 9720 6633

Established in 1982, our hard-working company supplies some the finest establishments in Melbourne, Victoria.​​ Our approach has been simple. Supply our wholesale & retail customers with the freshest seafood possible and with a sense of integrity that will form a long lasting relationship.

27 years later we think our philosophy has stood up pretty well.​

In the early 80’s our business was founded selling fresh seafood door to door, to households around the greater Melbourne area.The first retail store was opened in 1985 at Waverly Gardens, and then moved to Doncaster around 1987. Our reputation for quality quickly grew and a wholesale division naturally evolved from there. Before too long, we where supplying some of the best restaurants in Victoria.

Thanks to the early groundwork of company founders Manny & Harry, a state of the art processing facility was built in Bayswater in early 1998. Over the years many family & friends worked for the business. Uncles, friends, nephews & cousins who became our extended family. Some still work there today.

​It was in 2001 that Manny’s two sons James & Tass entered the business full time, followed by his daughter Olga. Their new ideas and fresh approach to the business helped place Red Coral at the top of the food industry table.​Today we employ approximately 30 skilled full time staff and operate a fleet of modern refrigerated/freezer trucks that run at a temperature of -20c. Our product range has grown from almost everything that swims in the sea, to supplying a range of dry-store, dairy and extensive range of frozen seafood and finger-food products.

When you see one of our trucks on the road, you can be assured that it’s filled with the mornings freshest catch and is being delivered to some of Melbourne’s finest establishments and retailers.​

We’re a growing family business. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you achieve your goals, develop solutions – and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let’s talk

When most of the city of Melbourne is sleeping, we’re up at 2 am Monday to Saturday sourcing the finest seafood available for our valuable clients. ​​​All our staff are trained in level 3 food product & handling and all are required to have full background checks carried out by Victoria Police.

Over the years, we have made some invaluable contacts in the industry. This allows us to source the best products available on the Australian marketplace.Red Coral Seafood directly purchase our own oyster stock from Tasmanian & South Australian oyster growers. This allows for consistency in product quality and traceability through the supply chain.​We do the same for our Salmon & some fresh fish varieties. We also have our own resident buyer on the Sydney wholesale market floor.​

Our freezer has the capacity to hold in excess of 100,000 kg of frozen food products. we stock a variety of frozen finger foods, chips, vegetables & frozen seafood lines

Our processing rooms consist of a filleting & packing areas for all our wet fish requirements. We also run a separate chiller for whole fish & another chiller for our live seafood requirements. Our oyster processing room also doubles as an extra chiller. Our factory is BRC certified. this is the highest level of food safety accreditation in Australia today.

Our commitment to quality is ensured by our BRC Food Safety Programs and Prime Safe industry accredited systems, which monitor delivery procedures of in-bound product on both fresh & frozen product.

BRC monitors the consistent quality of our products that we buy, distribute and sell. BRC on fresh & frozen products is essential to food safety and gives our customers satisfaction on the quality of our products.We have a traceability system that includes regular auditing of all operating and management procedures, along with thorough monitoring on all incoming & outgoing product.

Having BRC accreditation is a first for any fishmonger in Australia

BRC stands for the British Retail Consortium and is a lead trade association representing a whole range of retailers, from the large multiples and department stores through to independents, selling a wide selection of products. The BRC program, is a much finer, detailed food safety program to be approved by the industry. Other members are KFC, Burger King, Tesco, Costco, Disney, GAP, ASDA and Clarks​

​There are literally hundreds of different fish to choose from. Become more aware of the choices available.
Look for a fishing method that has the smallest environmental impact​.
Spreading the word on the importance of sustainable seafood can make your friends and family better informed.

​The world has depended on fish products for thousands of years, and as our population increases, so does the pressure on the oceans delicate ecosystems. Some deep-sea fish are slow growing and reproduce late in life, and are vulnerable to over-fishing.

Their populations need time to recover. Sustainable seafood is not only important to preserve what we have in our oceans and rivers, but also to improve and preserve the quality of life for future generations.

There are many great organisations with useful information out there.

The sustainable seafood movement has gained momentum over the past few years as people have become more aware of the environmentally-destructive consequenses we face due to overfishing and unethical farming operations.​

Sustainable seafood is seafood sourced from either farmed or wild caught industries that have been assesed to ensure that their population can be maintained or improved in the future without jeopardising the ecosystems it was acquired from.

As a respected supplier in the seafood industry, our company actively promotes environmentally sustainable practices wherever possible.

We actively promote the availability and trade in, fresh & frozen seafood that comes from first-class Australian & world-wide aquaculture operations & ecologically sustainable wild fisheries.​

We are proud to work with producers that strive to be as ecologically responsible in their community as we are.​

As a wholesale enterprise with hundreds of active accounts, we look to minimize fish waste and look for opportunities in value adding fish trim and our seafood bi-products.​ We also encourage the recycling of polystyrene, paper & plastics & water run-off from our factory is kept to a minimum. ​

Red Coral Seafood is also committed to product quality and accurate labeling to boost confidence in our customers, which is then spread to the wider community. We also participate in the nationally recognized Approved Fish Names scheme.​

So if you’re buying seafood from us, you can be assured that both your fish and the way it’s handled is good for both your family and the environment



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