Port Lincoln Tuna Processors Pty Ltd



Located in Port Lincoln South Australia right on the waters edge.
Contact: Port Lincoln Tuna Processors Office
Address: P.O. Box 1640, Port Lincoln SA 5606, Proper Bay Road Port Lincoln
Phone: 08 8682 8800
Fax: 08 8682 4976
Web: www.pltp.com.au

Key Staff:
General Manager: Lea Traeger
Operation Manager: Larry Vallance
Cannery Manager: Reinhard Veldhuyzen
QA Manager : Gavin Traeger
Financial Controller: Catherine Hammond

About Us
Port Lincoln Tuna Processors is situated on the pristine waters of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Owned by local fishermen who have over 45 years experience in the fishing industry.

The company has been operating since 1972 providing quality fresh, frozen and canned tuna and salmon, Sashimi processing and various pouch products.

State of the Art Equipment  
Our factory is state of the art. We searched the world to put together the best and most advanced technology in canning and pouch processing. Skilled mechanical and electrical engineers have helped to design a multi-functional factory. We have one of the best steriflow units in the southern hemisphere. Our operators are highly skilled and in tune with their machinery. Modern communication allows diagnostics of equipment from the other side of the world.

PLTP is a co-manufacturer of a wide range of canned and pouched food products for leading brands as follows:

Simplot Australia Pty Ltd:
LEGGO’S Pasta Meals, JENNY CRAIG Pasta Napoletana

Simplot Australia Pty Ltd:
*JOHN WEST Tuna Tempters
*JOHN WEST Pink Salmon Tempters

Nestle Australia Limited:
MAGGI Liquid Cooking Sauces
MAGGI Sauces & Gravies

Cerebos Australia Limited:
GRAVOX Liquid Sauces and Gravies

Aussie Imports:
G’DAY GOURMET Tuna and Pink Salmon (Export Product)

Unilever Australia Limited:
*CONTINENTAL Flavour Bases

Rafferty’s Garden:
RAFFERTY’S GARDEN Lumpy Range Dinner Pouches
We also process Southern Bluefin Tuna for export for the fresh and frozen Sashimi market.



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