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Nils Sperre AS
Address: Ålesund, 6057 Ellingsøy, Norway
Phone: +47 70 11 54 00
Fax: +47 70 11 54 01

Kurt Jacobsen (General Manager)
Office: +47 70 11 54 16
Mob: +47 96 62 64 53

Harald Sperre (Sales Manager)
Office: +47 70 11 54 10
Mob: +47 90 83 42 03

Odd Arild Sperre (Sales Department)
Office: +47 70 11 54 15
Mob: +47 90 83 42 02

Geir Sperre (Sales Department)
Office: +47 70 11 54 11
Mob: +47 90 97 83 46

Helge Riise (Sales Department)
Office: +47 70 11 54 12
Mob: +47 92 48 97 80

Veronica Beinset (Sales Department)
Office: +47 70 11 54 23
Mob: +47 95 87 04 07

Sindre Myklebust (Sales Department)
Office: +47 70 11 54 53
Mob: +47 97 54 79 77

About us
Nils Sperre AS is based in Aalesund, in the North West of Norway. Our plant is strategically located in relation to some of the best fishing grounds in the world, lying off the coast of Norway, which include the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and North Sea. These are fishing grounds dominated by a cold, clean climate, giving excellent breeding conditions for fish. Their close proximity to our facility ensures that the high quality of the products can be preserved through the whole value chain, from the fishing grounds, through processing and shipped on to the customer. Our customers can always be assured that the products we sell are of the highest quality.

Nils Sperre AS has a long track record of good relations with the fishing fleet. A stable network of fishing vessels lands their catches at our facility, resulting in good and stable access of raw materials. Our purchasers have an extensive market network, enabling us to localize and provide the products our customers request at all times.

Nils Sperre AS has its own port facilities, enabling us to handle catch landings from several vessels simultaneously. We can also handle loading and unloading of large reefer vessels, giving us an extra dimension within logistics. Aalesund has its own container port with regular feeder traffic to the largest container hubs in Europe, enabling us to ship goods door-to-door in an efficient and rational manner.

Close proximity to the fishing grounds, high quality products and focus on constantly meeting customer needs are the cornerstones of our business. Combined with our extensive expertise within our markets, we enjoy a high level of recognition and confidence.
Nils Sperre AS will be a guarantor of high quality, customer satisfaction and traceable products.


Pelagic products include the processing and freezing of herring, mackerel, horse mackerel and capelin. Pelagic products are mainly round frozen, but mackerel is also used for the production of mackerel fillets.

Processing and freezing the fish (blast freezing) as soon as possible after being landed, is of major importance to the quality of the final product. The combination of modern and rational production facilities and our long experience ensures that processing and freezing is performed without loss of time, to guarantee optimum quality.

Pelagic products are exported all over the world.

Dried salted fish (Bacalao)

Nils Sperre AS has extensive experience of dried salted fish production. Raw materials are fresh and frozen cod, saithe, tusk (cusk) and ling. Dried salted fish are processed in modern
production facilities with new and rational production lines. Our drying plant is one of the few automated plants in the country. Access to quality raw material supplies is vital to achieve the required quality of the final product.

Dried salted fish is exported mainly to Southern Europe and Central-/South America.

Wet salted fish
Nils Sperre AS has won a leading position within production of wet salted fish. Raw materials are fresh and frozen cod. Processing takes place in new, modern facilities with highly efficient production and packing lines. Access to quality raw material supplies is vital to achieve the required quality of the final product.

Wet salted fish is exported mainly to Southern Europe.



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