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About Barramundi
The name Barramundi was derived from the indigenous Australian language and means ‘large scaled river fish’, its scientific name is Lates Calcarifer. The fish is of large commercial importance; it is fished internationally and raised in aquaculture across Australia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Poland. Its wild distribution range extends from the Persian Gulf to Southern China and across to Northern Australia.

Barramundi are protoandrous hermaphrodites: they start life as males, reaching maturity at around 3 to 4 years of age and later change gender, usually at around age 5. Small fish are almost exclusively male with the percentage of females increasing with overall length. They are a carnivorous fish species and can grow to 1.8metres in length and over 60kilograms. Barramundi has a reputation as a fine eating fish with a firm white flesh and is available from premium retailers and restaurants.

Our Mission
Develop a business for the future by becoming the world’s leading provider of recirculating aquaculture finfish products.

Chilled Whole Fish
We supply chilled Barramundi grown from pristine natural spring water that fell on the earth over 1500 years ago.  Mainstream’s fish are grown in a controlled environment to ensure the aesthetics, taste and texture exceed our customer expectations.

We offer chilled fish in the following size classes:
Plate Size – 600 to 800 grams
Share Fish – 800 grams to 1 kilogram
Banquet Style – 1 kilogram and above

We can also provide filled and gutted products through our premium service on demand.



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