Ibérica de Congelados S.A.



Grupo Ibérica de Congelados S.A.
EN Oficinas Centrales
Edificio Iberconsa – Frigasa – 36216 A Riouxa – Teis – Vigo (Pontevedra)
Teléfono: +34 986213300 | Fax:+34 986204669

Sales Director: flago@iberconsa.es
Purchases and imports: drancy@iberconsa.es
Sales Iberian Peninsula: +34 682 917911 / jmencia@iberconsa.es
Sales European Union : +34 661219468 / jan@iberconsa.es
Iberconsa de Portugal: +351 917563721 / iberconsa@iberconsa.es
Iberconsa de Argentina: Teléfono: +54-280-4453088 Fax: +54-280-4454324

Dirección: Parque industrial Pesquero – 9120 Puerto Madryn – Chubut, Argentina

Iberconsa China Representative Office: Teléfono: +86 186 60292620
Dirección: 4D Huanhai Mansion, No.2 Donghai Middle Road, Shinan District, 266071 Qingdao, China
Telf.: +34 986213300
Fax: +34 986204669

Introducing Grupo Iberconsa, one of the Europe’s most important Group of companies specialized in catch, processing and distribution of frozen seafood products. Grupo Iberconsa is a safe bet for customers and suppliers, due to its long time experience in the global markets, and its increasing business volume year after year, can guarantee full satisfaction to its partners.

Grupo Iberconsa keeps in constant global growth, with presence in four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America), sourcing the best products right at the origin. The Group is integrated by partner companies who are leaders in every step of the value-adding chain: fishing, manufacturing, distribution and marketing: the right mix for a high quality product and service.

A close follow-up of the frozen seafood market evolution allows Grupo Iberconsa to be considered as a strategic partner by its customers, for its ability to search and find integral solutions to cover their present and future needs.

IBERCONSA is ranked among the top 3 seafrozen seafood companies in Spain and top 25 in the European Union.

Cordon blue
Cleaned squid tubes and tentacles
Battered squid rings
Clam Meat
Floured baby squid
Squid rings and tentacles
Cooked Crab
Hake, Fillets skin on



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