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Howard Group
Address: 7F Kin On Commercial Building, 49-51 Jervois Street, Sheung, Wan, Hong Kong, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Tel: +86 591 8365 0202
Fax: +86 591 8635 0308
Skype: chinafish2002

Chicago Head Office
Samsui Howard Group Co., (USA) Ltd.
Address: 1699 Wall Street, Suite 120, Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Tel. (847) 357-0066
Fax. (847) 357-0060

Georgia Office
Address: 502 Walnut Way, No. 130, Palmetto, GA 30268
Tel. (770) 463-9922
Fax. (770) 692-1380

Arkansas Office
Address: 3201 Club Manor Drive, Suite D, Maumelle, AR 72113
Tel. (501) 803-3535
Fax. (501) 851-6609

After over 10 years in frozen food industry,Howard Group has established solid and good reputation among food industry with strategic partners in Asia and Europe.

Brands include “Shiki” and “EverFresh”. Its “Shiki” roasted eel is pricier than others,yet many wholesalers and industry users stick to it due to its unwavering commitment to consistent good quality.

Howard Group also invest money to other partners especially in China on some projects that have social benefits (such as organic products) and those that can bring income to farmers as we believe farmers are hard-working people that need to be paid dearly.
We are not only manufacturer our own,but also we have other many very good factories (including the ones in USA) under our umbrella officially or unofficially because of many years cooperation and brothership support each other,which enables us to respond to market condition with agility.

Fresh Product
Sea urchin roe, abalone, amberjack (kanpachi), oyster

Frozen Product
Fluke, imitation crab meat, madako octopus, sea bream, octopus, squid tubes, scallop, shrimp, tilapia, golden pomfret, clam meat, catfish fillet, carp, crawfish, cod, pollock, frog leg, seafood mix, ocean perch, Pollock, sashimi fish fillet  (salmon etc), carp, European eel, vegetables and fruits

Value Added Product
Roasted eel seasoned, roasted pacific saury, smoked salmon, smoked eel, pickled ginger, roasted seaweed, wakame seaweed, cut kelp, seasoned seaweed salad, seasoned flying fish roe, sashimi tuna, soy sauce, vinegar, sushi rice, plum, plum wine, wasabi, tempura powder, bread crumbs (panko), breaded squid rings, breaded fish fillet, breaded shrimp, shrimp egg roll, canned fish and fruits

Brand Names
Shiki( Four Seasons)

HACCP, EEC, ISO, Organic



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