Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co,Ltd



Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co,Ltd
Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co,Ltd (Baiyang Food Group)
Add:No.30 Meters street, Huazhou industrial zone,Huazhou Guangdong China,525100
Tel:0086-668-7305805(Guangdong Yujia)
Fax:0086-668-7305809 (Guangdong Yujia)
Factory code(HACCP):4400/02017

Beihai Qinguo Frozen Foods Co,Ltd (Baiyang Food Group)
Add:Qiaogang Peninsula Industry Developing Zone, Beihai, Guangxi, China, 536000
Tel:0086-779-3881838(Beihai Qinguo)
Fax:0086-779-3888570(Beihai Qinguo)
Factory code(HACCP):4500/02029

Kevin Shu (舒义涛)  Export Dept

Company Info
Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co., Ltd. is specialized in aquatic products processing and exporting, which is the subsidiary of Baiyang Aquatic Group. It was established on 18th of August 2009 and the registered capital is 23.8 million RMB. The company is located in the Tilapia Capital of China—Maoming, Guangdong, where it owns a unique geographical advantage for developing deep-processing of aquatic products.

It covers an area of 23 thousand square meters and the workshop area is over 10 thousand square meters. The production facilities and equipments are perfect inside. The four advanced extended production lines have a capacity to process 110 tons raw tilapia at most per day. And the quick-frozen production lines and equipments take a capacity at most to freeze 200 tons products per day. Besides, a cold storage has a nearly 3000 tons total capacity. And the laboratory it has is equipped with the complete quality inspection instruments and equipments.

The raw tilapia comes from the standard aquaculture bases, which are recorded by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the water quality of the ponds is excellent. The raw materials are allowed entering the plant only after strict inspection. The factory was designed strictly according to the international food hygiene standards so that all kinds of sanitary facilities are perfect and the Equipment layout is reasonable. All the products are processed and managed strictly following the China export food hygiene standards and instructions including the U.S. HACCP123 and EU (2004/852/EC, 2004/853/EC, 2004/854/EC) so that the products are safe and in a high quality. The products are exported to The United States, European Union, Russia, Mexico and Middle East countries and areas etc.

Currently, the company has more than 620 workers at the production lines and over 70 in management. With the humanized management, it has built the complete standardized employee dormitory, dining room and entertainment facilities.

Product Catalog

Skin-on tilapia fillets
Model No. : 13535932880
Brand Name : Customer’s Brand or Baiyang

Deep skinned tilapia fillets
Model No. : 13535932880
Brand Name : Customer’s Brand or Baiyang

Shallow skinned tilapia fillets
Model No. : 13535932880
Brand Name : Customer’s brand or Baiyang

Tilapia G & S
Model No. : 200/1000g
Brand Name : Customer’s brand or Baiyang

White shrimp (Vannami)
Model No. : 13535932880
Brand Name : Customer’s Brand Or Baiyang



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