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ADDRESS: 6/188,6/199 Moo 1 Tambol Bangnon Amphur Muang ,Ranong 85000
Phone : +66 (0) 7782 5002 / +66 (0) 7782 5003 / +66 (0) 7782 5004 / +66 (0) 7782 5005
Fax: +66 (0) 7782 5001

Phone : +66 (0) 7782 5002
Email :

Contact Marketing and Sales Person: Mr.Lizhuang Jia Email:
Established: July, 2010
Registered Capital: 18 million USD

Sales: July-December 2010 150 millions Thai Baht
Number of Employees: 600
Type of business: Export Sea Food Products.

Main Products:
Live Frozen Farmed Vannamei Shrimps. Live Frozen Vannamei Cooked Farmed Vannamei Shrimps. Sea Catch Tiger / Flower/ White Shrimp. Fish (Ribbon Fish, Chinese Pomfret, Reeves Shad, Common Ponyfish, Golden Threat, Leather Jacket, Purple Spotted Bigeye etc.)Red Frog Crab, Cuttlefish, Squid and Baby Octopus.
Market: Asia ,Europe And USA
Plant Approval Status: BRC, HACCP and GMP by department of fisheries.

Golden Seafood International Co., Ltd. is a company with experiment professionals in management of seafood with more than 20 years of experience, we like to dealing with people interested in long relationships and partnership.

Our daily effort is to have presence and worldwide acceptance; therefore we take care of every process having an International standard to achieve the best quality, our aim is to provide the best product to our partners.

To achieve our goals, we considering the following as a relevant: Knowledge and expertise in our product ( High – Quality raw material, selection of technology , modern machinery and hygienic areas)
1) Long relationship with our consumers
2) Development Product / Packages

Our company is attached to Beijing Golden Harvest International Ltd. with a total investment of 18 million USD Over the years, we have been learned that the most important aspect is: the people we work with and our community.

Introduces the most advance seafood processing equipments. Existing 3 production lines (1 raw shrimp, 1 cooked shrimp, 1 raw fish and cephalopod). Following with the consistence of our quality , we have the best and modern equipment to produce such as: 2 IQF spiral machines, 1 CO2 freezer, Blanched Machine, 5 contact plate freezers, 6 Air Blast Freezers and 4 cold storage houses, with a storing capacity of more than 2000 MTS

Golden Seafood Co., Ltd. has more than 600 skilled workers with a high specialization in fish and shrimp production lines. We can produce 3-4 containers loads per day approximating 60 metric tons of finished products.

Our main products are: live frozen white shrimp, live cooked shrimp, baby cuttlefish, baby octopus, squid, shrimp PUD, ribbon fish, yellow croaker, golden thread, pony fish, white flower croaker, etc… Our varieties of products are exported to all over the world.

We sincerely hope establish friendly and long-term relationship with customers of the worldwide on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

We warmly welcome your visit and create the bright future together.

Our mission (2011)
To elaborate with international standards our products, with the propose of developing a strong and reliable relationship with: our customers, suppliers, employees and community.

Our vision (2011)
To have worldwide presence; improving the quality systems and research and development of our products, being a strong competitive international company.

Our Philosophy
“Quality, Reputation, Reliance, Sustainability” are our principles.

For Golden Seafood International Co., LTD, our values represent our present and future success.
1) Integrity/Honesty
Be honest with our daily acts, ignoring or being involved in acts that keep benefits of the company as a main.
2) Community and environment
Conduct the corporation according with the society and company’s common interest, taking in consideration the right    obtainable by law as a background of conduct. We are committed with the preservation and care of our environment, to have    impact in the community welfare. Over the years, we have been learned that the most important aspects are: the people we    work with and our community.
3) Developing people
our people are the most important part of our organization. Therefore, the continuous knowledge and training is the key    for the professional and corporate development.
4) Innovation
The innovation is an essential part to develop new products and the continuous improvement in our daily actions; with the    propose of reach the needs of our consumers.

Fish Products
Yellow Scad
Red Snapper
Frozen Whole round silver Pomfret Fish
White Flower Croaker
Yellow Croaker
Frozen whole round Chinese Pomfret
Threadfin Bream
Parot Fish
Frozen Whole round Spotted Batfish
Frozen whole round Common Ponyfish
Reeves Shad
Frozen Whole round Toli Shah Fish
Leather Jacket
Rabbit Fish
Red Mullet
Yellowtail Fusiller

Coke Tail
Shrimp Ring
Cooked bocked Tail Off
Cooked CPD
Cooked bocked tail on
Black Tiger Shrimp
Vannamei Shrimp
Head Less
Red Frog Crab

Cuttlefish and Octopus Products
Frozen whole cleaned squid
Baby cuttlefish
Frozen whole cleaned baby cuttlefish
Soft Squid



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