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GST Group (Goh Siong Tee Marine Product Sdn Bhd.(618008-V)
Address: No. 9, Lorong IKS Simpang Ampat D, MK 15, Kawasan Industri Simpang Ampat, Simpang Ampat,SPS
Telephone: 604-5682277
Fax: 604-5682278
Website: http://gstgroup.com.my

About Us
Growing from Strength to Strength™

As we move forward, we draw on the most important aspect of the company’s growth thus far – our commitment to the best quality over the past 25 years. This year makes the 26th year and the beginning of the new era. The era to reach out to more markets globally.

With the values of “Global. Stability. Trustworthiness”, we will continue our missions to strive on for steady growth in the years to come. That’s why GST Group, we are Growing From Strength to Strength™.

Our Facilities

Broodstock & Cage Farming
Our broodstock farm and marine cage farming facilities are strategically located at Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia. Built within a non-polluted ocean and run by experienced employees, this 2000 cage facilities are the key facilities that contribute to the GST Group core products, such as Red Snapper, Barramundi, Yellow Tail and many more.

The farm’s monitoring is handled by our experts. The comprehensive planning and gradual improvement quality of the fish fries are major factors to the dynamic growth of the Group.

Our Hatchery & Nursery farm
GST Group has started the pilot hatchery in Batu Kwan, Penang to produce fish fries from eggs collected from its existing farm. After the eggs were collected from the broodstock facilities, they will be sent here to be produced as fish fries. Fish fries will then be transferred to marine cage farm to complete the growth cycle.

The hatchery practices home-based method with modified advanced technology from abroad, blended perfectly in order to adapt with the local climate and environment.

Having its own breeding and hatchery centre, GST group are able to produce vast varieties of fish fries for the needs of all Group’s breeding farms with meticulous quality control of its marine fish.

Our Headquarters & Plant
GST Group houses its headquarters and seafood processing plant at Simpang Ampat Industrial Zone, Penang. The plant processes raw fish from filleting, skinning and trimming before conveying to the freezer.

This plant operates on a capacity to process 2,000 tons of high quality products per anum. The Plant is implementing the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point( HACCP) System, an internationally recognised standard for safe food, BRC, ISO 9001:2008, and EU certified standard’s production system.

The processed products, such as the fillets are mainly exported to Europe, Australia and the USA.

Branch Info

Penang (HQ)
Address: No.9, Lorong IKS Simpang Ampat D, MK 15, Kws Industri Simpang Ampat, Simpang Ampat, 14100, S.P.S,Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-5682277
Fax: 04-5682278
Email: enquiry@gstgroup.com.my

Address : Plot 18, Padang Lalang  Air Hangat,07000 Pulau Langkawi,Kedah, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-9591937
Fax: 04-9591940
Email: lkw@gstgroup.com.my

Kuala Lumpur
Address : No 13, Jalan Ramin, Rawang Food Industrial Park, 48000 Rawang Selangor.
Tel: 1700-814-777
Fax: 03-60919087
Email: kl@gstgroup.com.my

Product Overview
With a cold storage of 1,500 tons capacity, and constant upgrading of the facilities, we are aiming to produce up to 3,000 tons of seafood products annually by year 2015. By Then, we would be able to open up more markets globally as well as domestically.

Our product ranges from a wide selection of raw fish fillet, such as the Catfish, Tilapia and prawns from the freshwater segment; as well as the Garoupa, Red Snapper, Seabass, Cobia and Yellow-Tail, Tiger Grouper, Giant Grouper, Golden Pompano from the seawater segment.

While we are progressing in terms of quality content, the environmental issue has not been neglected. The harvesting and processing facilities of GST Group provides only the highest standards of environmental sustainability and food safety. To ensure this, meticulous inspections and monitoring are held consistently at all our government licensed facilities, both on and off –shores, in compliance with the international and national standards.



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